AEG Washing Machine Reviews
AEG Washer Dryer is Silent, Economical & Full of Programmes

If you are considering buying AEG washing machines, you are not alone, as AEG-Electrolux is a well-respected brand name when it comes to domestic appliances.

AEG washer is now owned by the Electrolux Group of Sweden, who merged the two brands when it took over the AEG name.

The most important questions that a user might have when it comes to choosing will be:

  • Why should I choose AEG Electrolux over another brand?
  • What are the reviews like from other users about their experience with AEG Electrolux washing machines?
  • What features will really benefit me and make my life easier or save me money?
  • Where can I find a good deal on an AEG Electrolux machine?

AEG Products Range Overview

AEG has freestanding front load models, washer dryers as well as built-in AEG integrated washing machine suitable for building into your kitchen or utility room units. Most of theline is in the standard white colour although there are models such as the AEG L74850M which is stainless steel.

Features & Unique Selling Points


Some of the features of the AEG washing machines UK range include:

  1. Advanced Fuzzy Logic feature - this is an 'intelligent' feature that calculates the exact amount of water needed per load for the best results. The benefits of this feature are that it can save the user money on water, energy and detergent, as well as being more environmentally friendly. An excellent feature to have but is not unique to AEG Electrolux as most of the major laundry appliance suppliers offer something similar under one name or another.
  2. SuperEco programme saves up to 80% energy die to washing at very low temperatures
  3. Silent System technology to ensure minimal noise during operation.
  4. Washing programmes such as stain action, easy iron, ultra quick wash and useful hand-wash.


  • Wide selection of load sizes, from 3.5kg right up to 8kg. This means that whatever the size of your family, you should be able to find one which is the right size.
  • Eco options such as their SuperEco programme and various time settings for shorter washes. The Advanced Fuzzy Logic feature also ensures that the right amount of water is used for the load based on a weight sensor.
  • AEG washers, such as the L64840 and others, offer up to 21 programmes to ensure that different load types are washed at optimal settings.


  • It is not possible to buy AEG washing machine spares online or book a service call online at the main AEK UK website as it is with most other major brands, users have to call them for details.

How AEG Compares to Competitors

When it comes to AEG appliances, all receive "A" Energy Ratings or higher. Some of the newer models are as efficient as A-30%, such as the AEG L84950A3 and L74950A3, which compares very well to other competing brands.

The guarantee period is 12 months parts and labour for all AEG washer dryer and integrated front loading models. Although fairly standard across the washing machine manufacturers, it is not as generous as Bosch (two years if you register online) or Miele (up to ten years with extended guarantee).

AEG washing machines start at just over 300 and more advanced models go over the 700 mark so they are not the cheapest on the market, however many of the reviews indicate a good quality to price ratio.

What's the Best AEG Washer?

We found too few reviews on current models to be able to recommend the best AEG laundry appliances.

However, generally, the reviews indicated that AEG washing machine is well made, with a large range of programmes and users especially like the fact that they are very quiet.

AEG Electrolux Lavamat 41 in Action

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Updated October 3, 2010