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Review of Best Beko Washers - The Excellence Range

Beko washing machine currently enjoys second place in the UK domestic appliance market with a 15% market share.

Beko washer is a domestic appliance brand of the renowned Turkish manufacturer Arcelik, who operate in more than 100 countries and own 10 brands including some which are fairly well-known in the U.K. market such as Grundig, Flavel and Leisure Cookers.

Arcelik, with the Beko brand, has been showing an aggressive growth strategy in recent years in many countries, including the U.K., with some success.

The good news for us, the consumers, is that the prices are equally aggressive and the Beko washing machines sit in the lower end of the price bracket, with their most basic machines coming in at under 200.

However, that is not to say that quality is being sacrificed and the many online reviews for the Beko range indicate that the Beko washers are excellent value for money.

Overview of Beko Washing Machines

Beko comes in a good range of drum sizes, from 5kg to a generous 9kg to suit all sizes of household.

Beko WME7267W Noise Level Video Review (in Action)

In general, the range seems to offers fairly basic features in keeping with the low prices but there are some models with more advanced features such as the Beko WMB91242L, a sleek black model, A++ rated, with an interactive LCD display and an impressive 9kg capacity; or the WMD78144 Express, A+++ rated, which can complete a full load 8kg wash at 30 in just 28 minutes.

Beko Excellence, including the Beko WME8227, the WME7267 and WME7247 offer features such as interactive LCD and variable spin speed and temperature adjustment as well as additional programmes for dark coloured clothes; plus a sensitive cycle which gives an extra rinse.

Beko WM5101 model particularly has less depth than a conventionally sized washing machine (48cm compared to the usual 59.5cm) which could be very useful for tight spaces.

All machines in the current range are freestanding front load with addition of Beko tumble dryer, but there is no Beko integrated washing machine.

Beko washing machine parts, such as seals, belts, hoses, gaskets, handles, door latches, capacitors and motors can be bought via a link on the Beko website to their official distributor, Easy Spares, or through many third party suppliers such as Espares, Ebay and Amazon UK. there you'll also find the operating instruction manual.

Beko Unique Selling Points & Features

The main USP's of the Beko range has to be the fact that they offer well-built and inexpensive machines which are reliable and easy to use.

The Good

  • Inexpensive and reliable machines.
  • The entry-level machines provide good performance with limited features while the more expensive models have additional features and programmes according to user budget and requirements.

The Bad

  • Some of the standard cycle times can be lengthy.
  • The website is less comprehensive than some of the competitors and you cannot book service or repairs online.

How Beko Compares to Competitors?

The energy ratings on the Beko range are generally good, with most coming in at A+ (or A-10%), one model at A++ (A-20%) and one at A+++ (A-30%) but apart from those two highly rated models, they do not compare as well with some of the competitor models on the market such as AEG and Bosch who both have many more models in the A-10% and A-20% range.

The warranty period is 12 months, which is acceptable but not as generous as brands such as Bosch or Miele who both offer 24 months (on registration).

In general, the front loading Beko washing machines are not as fully featured as many of the competitors but they do represent good value for money due to their low price and high reliability which does make them a good buy.

Recommended Best Beko Washer Models Review


Beko WME8227 Excellence

This model has an 8kg capacity, with an extra-large porthole door for easy loading. Features include variable spin, variable temperature and automatic half load. It is also equipped with a time delay function which is useful if your electricity rates are lower at off peak times. It sits in the 200 to 300 price range and is available in white, silver or black.

What do consumers like about it?
They like the size of the drum and the additional features and choice of programmes that this model offers. It is easy to use, is well-built and offers excellent value for money.

What do consumers not like about it?
A few found it a little noisy and some felt that the cycle times were too long, plus it does not have any child safety locks.


Beko WME7267 Excellence

This machine has a 7kg capacity, an interactive LCD display and up to 1600rpm spin. It shares similar functionality with the WME8227, with features such as time delay, variable spin and variable temperature. Prices are between 200 and 300 and it is available in white or silver.

This machine is simple to use and consumers like the 1600rpm spin speed. The short daily wash programme is also very popular with users. In short, users believe that this machine offers good performance at a low price.

As with the WME8227, the main wash cycle times are too long, but there are shorter washes available. Apart from that there was little that users dislike about this Beko washing machine.

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Updated October 5, 2010