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Bendix Aviation Corporation introduced “wash cycle” for the first time in 1930s. Ever since, the company has kept its commitment of being simple and functional.

In 1937 Bendix washing machine was designed with the “wash cycle” concept in which during one sequence the clothes were washed and the dirty water was drained. This was the first automatic front loading washing machine. Company formed by Judson S. Sayre, began its production in 1936 and just a year later their automatic Bendix washer was a hit. Over the next two decades, the popularity rose and these became one of the top selling laundry products in North America.

Today Italian Philco makes household appliances like washing machines in collaboration with Bendix and Thorn EMI Moyor Electronics. Bendix is a household name in the UK washing machine market because the company manufactures products of fine quality. Their performance is superior and hence they are worth the money spent.

Known for their high performance and stylish looks, the machines are perfect for households. The most appealing features are the sleek look and large portholes. One of the flagship products of Bendix is Tricity Bendix Washing Machine.

Common Features of Bendix Washers


Some of the common features that can be found in the entire range are:

  • Half load: This is a very useful facet as it allows even the smaller loads to be washed as effectively as the larger ones.
  • Quick and Cool: If you are in a hurry and need quick laundry, then you can use this feature as it is ideal for those who are time constraint.
  • Wash Programs: There are various wash programs to cater to your requirements.
  • Large Portholes: These help loading and unloading an easier task.
  • Wash Phase Indicators: These monitor the process of washing efficiently.
  • Eco Wash: This advanced technology helps in minimizing the water requirement. The system is provided with lifters which lift detergent mixed with dirt to the top from where it is pushed out.
  • Detergent Recovery System: This helps in proper use of detergent which is added and works to the maximum capacity. This is an important feature because in most of the washing machines detergents, how-so-ever potent they are, are unable to generate enough action in washing machine to enable dirt pullout.

Best Bendix Washing Machines

Tricity Bendix AW1401W Washing Machine holds a unique place in the UK market. It is a 5 kg freestanding front load washer that can be placed in almost any place you desire. This front loader is great for a small family. With a spin speed of 1400 RPM, this automatic Tricity Bendix washing machine has performance rating of AAB.

It has multiple washe options, come in White and measure around 85x60x58 cm. Though the machine is loaded with features, it is simple to use and thus it is easy to operate.

Tricity Bendix AW900 Washing Machine is another simple yet remarkable appliance. It has only 900 RPM spin speed, and it is targeted for people who have limited budgets. People, who aren't interested in features, but just the basic function of a washer (small capacity and low spin speeds), are the ones who get attracted to this product. This fully automatic washer has 4.5 kg capacity and offers 10 preset wash programs. Its dimensions are 85x60x60 cm and its performance rating is A+AC.

Bendix Pro Series is the latest commercial grade Bendix washer dryer that offers all water and electrical saving. There is an LCD display, large 13” doors which can open to a full 180o. This Bendix product comes with ventless drying technology. Other key features are: auto balance load distribution, 1200 RPM speed, Anti-wrinkle Intermittent tumble, electronic humidity sensor, sturdy steel housing and FloodStop Flood Protection system


Overall Bendix is a cheap - low price - budget washer appliance which is simple yet appealing to the common mass consumer market. The Bendix washing machine manual is easily available and can be downloaded from the Internet at cheap prices. While most of the brands have added lots of fancy to their products, Bendix has played it simple to attract larger customer base.

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Updated September 30, 2010