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Before buying, a quick glance through the best washer dryer reviews for can help you make a better judgement and wiser purchase decisions.

We have carefully analysed dozens of sources, including both expert and online consumer reports to come up with a list of 10 top rated best washing machines for in various categories, such as:


  1. Best Overall on the Market
  2. Best Integrated Washer Dryer
  3. Best Steam Washing Machine
  4. Best Energy Efficient Washer Dryer
  5. Best Low Vibration Washer Dryer
  6. Best Direct Drive Washing Machine
  7. Best Compact Washing Machine In Size
  8. Best Portable Washing Machine
  9. Best Automatic Washing Machine
  10. Best Jet System Washing Machine

1. Best Washer Dryer on the Market

Samsung WD8704RJA

Samsung-WD8704RJAVoted by many as the best washer and dryer for , this is a front loading type machine featuring a spin speed of 1400rmp. With the maximum wash loading capacity of 7 Kg, the drying capacity of the unit is 5Kg, which is quite appropriate for family use. WD8704RJA scores A for washing performance, B for its spin speed and B for energy efficiency, as per the European Standard rating.

The machine has 12 washing and 4 drying programmes. Some of them are the 29-minute quick wash, pre-wash, no-spin option and crease-busting rinse hold. Particularly useful for washing delicate fabrics, the no-spin option takes care of the fragile items. The Delicate Wash option washes the flimsy items without running the risk of damaging them. The Wool programme is specially meant to do the cleaning job for the treasured knits.

Other useful features include the rinse option that makes a light work for the extra-dirty load of clothes, the refresh option that washes the clothes in a low temperature to revive the less soiled items consuming less time and electricity and the Auto half load that saves time and energy consumption by automatically adjusting the wash temperature and water level of the machine, thus creating a favourable condition for intensive fabric care. The rinse option further clears off allergens from the clothes and the Auto half load reduces the chance of wearing and tearing of clothes for everyday use.

Drying is also easy with the reverse tumble action that delivers fast and economic results with reduced creasing that demands less time for ironing. The LCD display makes setting programmes and diagnosis of errors easy.

This Samsung fully automatic washing machine, priced at around 500, comes with a guarantee of 2 years.

2. Best Integrated Washer Dryer

Candy CWB714D

Candy-CWB714DThis is a 7Kg, fully integrated- built in washer dryer. With a dimension of 820x596x541mm, the machine has an A rating for energy efficiency, wash and spin performance. With 12 elaborate washing programmes, it is equipped with an LED Display for convenient setting of programmes, timer and reading error messages.

The Digital Countdown Indicator makes it very easy for users to measure the runtime of a wash cycle. The Delay Start option offers a time limit of 24 hours, so that users can set the timer ahead by a day for the machine to start washing automatically. The Rapid Wash has programmes of 14, 30 and 44 Minute respectively. Users can set the time depending on their need.

The Half Load option is another handy option to wash small amount of clothes at the minimum consumption of water, detergent and electricity. This Candy washer has special Automatic Variable Capacity that adjusts the washing and drying capacity depending on the load laden.

Priced just over 600, the unit weighs around 20Kgs. Click here for more integrated washing machine reviews.

3. Best Steam Washing Machine

LG F1247TD5

LG-F1247TD5This is an 8Kg capacitive, one of the top washer and dryers in with steam washing technology. Contrary to other ordinary machines, this one has the Direct Drive technology that offers a quiet operation. The motor of the machine is directly attached to the drive for a reduced production of noise and vibration that leads to a reduced energy usage.

The Bio cycle takes out the toughest stains for a flawless cleaning. The Media Cycle uniquely removes even the faintest trace of detergent from the fabric evenly and is ideally fit for washing clothes of kids and people with sensitive skin. The Intelligent wash system coupled with the Auto Balance and Foam sensing and removal automatically adjusts imbalances and effectively washes the clothes with required intensity for each fabric type, thus providing optimal wash performance that conserves both electricity and money. The special Spray Rinse system rinses the clothes effectively by spraying soapy water and dirt from them.

Priced just under 500, the LG steam washing machine has A rated wash energy efficiency (spin speed of 1200rmp).

4. Best Energy Efficient Washer Dryer

Indesit WIL 163

Indesit-WIL-163A 5Kg freestanding Indesit washer dryer with a dimension of 54x59.5x85cms. With 1300revolutions per minute, it has an energy efficiency of A grade. With A in wash and B in spin efficiency, the washer dryer is particularly known for conserving electricity.

Consuming electricity at a rate of 0 95Kwh. per cycle, the unit saves a lot of money in the electric bills of the users, in spite of being fully automatic.

With average rating from its users on usability and efficiency, the machine scores high on durability and energy efficiency.

Priced at only 350, this unit is among the top rated washing machines has to offer. This cheap unit will keep your laundry very economical.

5. Best Low Vibration Washer Dryer

Bosch WVH28420GB

Bosch-WVH28420GBThis is a 7Kg washer and 4Kg dryer with a very low level of vibration. A spin speed of 1400rmp delivers exceptional washing, producing noise below 54 dB and no vibration at all. Consuming about 5.67 Kwh of energy, the machine has a series of elaborate washing programme that offers efficient washing performance.

Other features include Light load for washing of a small amount of clothes, Time saver feature for reducing the duration of programmes for a quick wash, No spin option for washing delicate items with great care, the Intensive wash cycle for washing of heavily soiled clothes for long and Variable rinse to add or remove extra rinsing of clothes for kids and sensitive skin people.

With 15 wash programmes, 1 year warranty coverage and cost around 800 in price, this machine is completely devoid of vibration disturbances.

Voted by the users as the best washer and dryer in for noiseless operation, this Bosch appliance is an excellent choice for high performance and low vibration requirements in apartments.

6. Best Direct Drive Washing Machine


LG-WM1437WFDLG has one of the best washer dryers armed with the Direct Drive technology. This technology attaches the motor to the drive directly. The result is low consumption of power and low production of vibration and noise. With a reduced water and energy consumption of 1.2Kwh and 52 litres of water consumption, the Direct Drive technology causing this is a blessing.

With A efficiency rate in energy, spin and wash, the machine supports maximum washing load of 8 Kg.

With a long warranty of 5 years, this front loading, fully automatic machine is also the best front load washer and dryer for for quiet operation.

Priced at over 700, the machine is a bit too expensive, but worthwhile for the advanced technology.

7. Best Compact Washing Machine in Size

Zanussi ZWC1300W

Zanussi-ZWC1300WThis Zanussi model is a much smaller unit than the typical washing machines. With a short height, width and depth of 670 mm, 495 mm and 515 mm respectively, the machine has small washing capacity of just 3 Kg - which is much smaller than the average units. However, this mini machine is capable of performing like a normal sized washer.

With features like Variable Spin for different fabric kinds, Variable Temperature for the washing needs of the clothes and stains, Delay Timer for washing clothes automatically at a later time, Rinse Hold for clothes needing no rinse, Quick wash for fast washing and Wool Program for knitted clothes, the unit is in no way behind others in terms of functionality and efficiency.

Ideal for use in summer homes, small apartments, student dorm rooms, etc. Zwc1300w has a slim-line build that can fit in any corner and any decor of the room.

Click here for more compact washing machines.

8. Best Portable Washing Machine

Twin Tub Washing Machine

Twin-TubTwin Tub is a small, portable and very easy to use unit. Performing both gentle and normal wash, it comes with handles that are moulded for the ease of portability and lifting. With a slim dimension of 565 x 340 x 570mm and weighing only 10Kg, this brilliant unit costs only around 150.

With 2Kg of maximum washing and drying capacity, the unit requires no plumbing at all. It is armed with a strong agitation action that prevents the clothes from getting twisted and entangled with other bigger cloth items. The unit is simply amazing to use in RVs, camps, caravans, and other areas where space is limited. Besides, they can be used anywhere anytime.

The unit has separate spinning and washing operation settings. You can stop the actions of the tub by simply opening the lid.

9. Best Automatic Washing Machine

Panasonic NA-147VB2

Panasonic-NA-147VB2This is a fully automated, Class A energy efficient machine consuming 20% less energy and only 44litres of water per cycle. 3D Sensor wash technique, along with Cotton-Eco 60? and Intensive washing, offers optimum cleaning performance.

Powered with Water Leakage Protection System for water tightness and short and special time saving quick programs, cleaning is easy and convenient with this machine as it does everything on its own.

The tilted drum, inverter and Brushless motor offer a super quiet and economic operation. The unit produces only 53 dB and 76 dB noise during the Wash cycles and Spin cycles respectively.

Costing below 500, this unit is the best automatic washing machine for its price range.

10. Best Jet System Washing Machine

Zanussi ZWF14791

Zanussi-ZWF14791This is an 8Kg wash capacitive machine powered with Jet system technology. The Jet system, together with the direct spray technology adjusts the consumption of energy, water and time, thus saving both time and money.

With ‘A' graded energy efficiency, the machine has a digital display panel and cold fill only. Equipped with a hanging door on the left, the machine scores A and B in washing and spinning performance, respectively.

With 21 wash programmes, the unit includes smart wash options like half load for small washes, hand wash for effective removal of stains and eco wash for an eco-friendly washing for utmost fabric care.

Among the best washer dryers in , this unit only costs around 450 and also comes in white colour.

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