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What's the Best Bosch Washing Machine and Tumble Dryer?

Bosch washing machines are part of a German manufacturer, who also produces major household appliances in the UK.

bosch-washing-machinesTogether with Siemens, the company owns 50% of the company BSH Bosch and Siemens Hausgeräte, which distributes the Bosch, Siemens and Neff brands, among others.

The brand Bosch is extremely well respected and is known for the high quality and reliability of the front load washing machines among consumers. Bosch washers are not the cheapest brand of laundry appliances, with models ranging from around £300 to £900, but many users are prepared to pay extra for the high quality it is so respected for.

Any users looking for Bosch washing machine spares and parts can buy them directly from the official Bosch UK site and engineers' visits can be booked on line. In addition, spares and accessories are available from many online retailers, including Amazon, Ebay and other independent sites.

Instruction manuals can also be downloaded from the official Bosch appliances site, so you should have no concerns, in the event repairs are required.

Bosch Washer Products Overview

Bosch is very transparent in the way that they classify their ranges, which does make it easier for the user to differentiate between price and quality:

Bosch Classixx Washing Machine

Bosch Classixx Drum/Pipes Self Rinse

These are the entry level machines and they are marketed as being simple yet well- built machines, offering excellent value for money.

  • 4.5kg or 6 kg capacity
  • Variable spin speed
  • A-10% energy rating
  • Slimline washing machine also available under WLX24164GB
Bosch Avantixx Washing Machine

Bosch Avantixx Detailed Demonstration

This range has more features than the Classixx line, but is still relatively inexpensive. Features equipped are:

  • Simple LED displays
  • 6 kg capacity
  • Variable spin speed
  • A-10% energy rating
  • Child lock
  • Time delay function so that you can make use of off-peak tariffs
  • More programmes than Classixx range, such as Super Quick 15
  • Reload facility so that you can add a forgotten item after the wash has started
Bosch Exxcel Washing Machine

Bosch Exxcel 1400 S Express Review

These guys are slightly more expensive, but they offer more features and functions than the two previous ones:

  • 7kg capacity
  • A-20% energy rating
  • Special programmes including Sportswear, Sensitive, Wool and a Reduced ironing option.
  • Touch control buttons
  • Large LED screen
Bosch Logixx Washing Machine

BOSCH Logixx 8 - Easy Iron Final Spin

These are the top-of-the-line models with the largest load capacity:

  • 8 Kg capacity
  • Additional programmes such as Express Wash and Powerwash.
  • A-30% energy rating
  • Anti-Vibration design for quieter operation
  • EcoSilence drive for lower noise levels (52 or 57 dB)

As well as Bosch washing machines, there are also Bosch washer dryers available in the Avantixx, Exxcel and Logixx ranges. Of note is the Bosch WVH28420GB Logixx washer dryer, which has a wash capacity of 7kg and a drying capacity of 4kg - and only uses 57 litres of water per cycle.

Watch Bosch Goes Up to 1200 RPM

The Noise Sound is Like a Jet Turbine

Bosch integrated washing machine and freestanding models are both available within above ranges.

Bosch Strengths - Benefits

  1. Lower water consumption than many competitor models and also reduces annual electricity bills
  2. Huge selection to choose from to suit all budget and personal requirements
  3. High reliability - saves money in the long run, because you unlikely will have tobuy replacement parts or pay for repair service

Bosch Weaknesses - Minor Navigation Problems

  1. The website is not very easy to navigate for users looking for specific functions or features.
How Bosch Brand Compares to Competitors?

In terms of environment green credentials and energy efficiency, Bosch is one of the leaders with their machines at A-10%, A-20% and A-30% ratings.

They have also won many awards over recent years including the Domestic and General TEQ 2010 Customer Service award and the Which? Best Domestic Appliance Brand Award 2009.

Recommended Best Bosch Washing Machine Reviews

Bosch-WAE-2446Bosch WAE 2446

Priced at around £400 to £500, this Bosch front loader washing machine has a 7kg capacity. Available in black (WAE2446B) or silver (WAE2446S), it is a stylish Bosch washing machine with variable temperature and spin speed.

The Good: users liked the quiet operation and the drum size. Many also liked the quality of the wash on the 15 minute cycle .

The Bad: There were few negative points but some customers did not like that fact that there is no child lock or half load facility.

Bosch-Classixx-washing-machineBosch Classixx WAE24165GB

This cheap Bosch front load washing machine is priced between £300 and £400 and has a 6kg capacity.

The Pros: consumers felt that the machine represents value for money and washes well. They liked the low water usage and Eco options and the ease of use.

The Cons: owners didn't like the fact that the machine makes a noise when the cycle is finished which only stops when the machine is switched off.

Bosch-WLX24164GBBosch WLX24164GB

This is a 4.5 kg Classixx Bosch 1200 washing machine suitable for smaller families which retails at around the £400 mark. It is slim-depth so many users had bought it specifically due to the dimensions however some found the capacity too small.

The Advantage: people liked the low water usage and high quality of the machine and many said that it was extremely quiet.

The Disadvantage: we haven't found any notable consumer reports as of the moment of this writing.

It was notable that many users who posted reviews on the internet commented that they trust Bosch as a brand and several had experienced long years of use from previous Bosch washing machines and other domestic appliances.

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