Built-in Washer Dryer Buying Guide
What to Look for When You Buy Built-in Washing Machines?

built-in-washersYou may consider buying a built in washer dryer if you do not have enough room for a full-sized machine.

While a compact dimension of 850X600X540mm is appreciated, these integrated washers are much preferred for their combined performance of cleaning and drying.

Built in washing machine and dryer units are presently manufactured by almost all top laundry appliances in the UK and Europe.

What to Look for When Buying Integrated Washer Dryers?


built-in-washer-dryerThe built in washers are valued basically for their short usage of space. Users should buy a unit that fits inside the cabinet, closet, or anywhere they are intending to install it. For this, getting the exact measurement of the installing space is imperative; still, the slimmer, the better.

Wash Load:

The wash load of the machine will determine how much cloth it will be able to wash in a single load. An average machine has about 5Kg of wash load. If the user has a big family, then heavier wash capacity is recommended.


Machines are rated from A to E. A being the best, machines that have been rated so should be bought. The three areas where rating is usually done are energy, wash and spin efficiency. It is hard to find a unit that has all the top ratings, but the one having a majority A should be invested on.

Spin Speed:

An average washer has 1000rmp of spin speed. The higher the spin speed, the better washing it will perform. So always look for machines with higher spin speed.

Washing Programmes:

Washing programmes are integrated to cater to varied washing needs. Choose the one that has wash cycles and programmes that can serve your purpose to the fullest. Delay Timer, Quick Wash, Gentle wash, etc. options should be carefully studied before buying.


Machines exhibiting intricate systems of operation are better avoided. Choose a washer that has a user friendly interface, which you can fully comprehend to make the best use of it.

Recommended Built-in Washer Dryer Best Buy:

Indesit-IWDE126The Indesit IWME 126 is an integrated model with 1200rmp spin speed and a slim dimension of 82x59.5x55. cm. With energy efficiency and wash grade of A+ and A, respectively, it has a wash load of 6Kg and elaborate wash programmes for excellent performance.

Hotpoint-BHWD129Hotpoint BHWM129 is a fully built in washer dryer having the size of 82x59.5x55 cm and a spin speed of 1200rmp. With spin and wash grade A, it has a wide opening door for easy loading. It has an additional audible signal at the end of the programme that will prompt the users, once the wash cycle is over. Besides, its Baby Cloth Cycle programme is specially designed for washing infants' clothes with enough care and precaution.

What to Avoid in Integrated Washing Machine?

Many manufacturers advertise their washers as integrated ones, while they are slim by only a few mm. Do not overemphasize on the size and concentrate equally on the performance of the machine. Your washer should fit in your needs besides fitting in your space.

Once bought, you can decide to install the built-in washing machine yourself or let the professionals do the job for you for free (don't forget to negotiate this service to be included in your package price).

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Updated November 27, 2010