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Reviews of Candy Washer Dryer Best Buy for UK

The Candy washing machines for UK comes from the house of its Italian makers.

candy-washing-machinesModel 50 was the first invention of Candy in the field of laundry appliances. After merging with a few prestigious names in the market of consumer electronics, the company slowly evolved out to its present state.

The current series of Candy washers deliver advanced performance, which took 60 years of hard earned experience to develop.

The new Candy washer dryer series launched in the market can handle 5+5 KGs of laundry each at a time. Playing a leading role in the sector of domestic appliances, Candy has acquired the faith of consumers for the last few decades.

Candy Washing Machine Reviews:

Candy washing units are mostly freestanding for both top loader and front loader models.

With moderate to high spin speed, these washers have multiple washing options. Features like child lock and 3D sensors have high utility value for users.

The low energy consumption feature can help in reducing the fat electric bills at the month end.

In case any part gets broken, Candy washing machine parts are available over the Internet. Candy washing machine spares like bearings, doors, drums, door parts, dispensers, filters, latches, hoses, pumps, elements, seals, thermostats, etc. are sold at online retail stores at reasonable prices.

Features of Candy Washer Appliances:

Candy GO4 1274 LH GrandOPlus Video Demonstration
Washing on Cottons intensive 90, medium soil

The fundamental features of all models under Candy are:

  • High spin speed ensures efficient cleaning of clothes. The mix and wash cycle further helps in removing stubborn stains off the fabric fiber.
  • Activa Wash System is another efficient process through which organic stains can be removed.
  • Stain Vanish Wash Option, as the name implies, helps in getting rid of all types of stains and patches from cloth materials. The stain gets vanished after a single wash.
  • Allergy Care Rinse makes it easier to wash baby's clothes in washing machines without leaving any detergent residue inside the fiber. Thus, the rashes that infants grow from clothes can be largely avoided.
  • Energy saving performance is highly useful in saving high electric consumption. Hence, the users can now have a very cheap laundry service at home.

Benefits of Candy Washers:

  1. The elaborate and multiple washing features and choices are the biggest strength of the machine. With such diversified washing options, washing will no longer seem to be a chore.
  2. Furthermore, all the washing features promise effective and complete removal of stains and patches of all sorts.


  • Most users complain about the lid arrangement of the Candy washer dryers.
  • Some of the models are very heavy due to their high drum capacity. Hence, large spatial loss is inevitable with them.
  • In some models, the pressure chamber and sump hose share similar source of water, which is why they sometimes get jammed.
  • Candy washing Machine Problems should only be sorted out with the help of professionals.

Recommended - Candy Washing Machines Best Buy:

Candy GOFS262

Candy-GOFS262is a front load unit with a capacity of 6KGs. With A Class energy efficiency and wash efficiency, this machine measures 60X85X40cm (width, height, depth). It consumes 1.02 KWh of energy in every wash, and 45 litres of water in each load.

The GOFS262 displays the time remaining for the wash to complete. This is highly useful for the users to determine the time needed.

The Pros: The machine scores high on cleaning and rates A* in energy efficiency.

The Cons: for spin efficiency, it only ranks at B ratings.

Candy-GO282-80-Grand'OCandy GO282-80 Grand'O

is a good machine in all aspects. Along with a capacity of 8KGs, and 1200rmp spin speed; this machine features 32' rapid cycle. With a dimension of 85X60X54 cm, it holds a delay start option for the convenience of users.

The Good: An efficient machine in terms of effective wash and energy savings.

The Bad: It ranks low in terms of spinning efficiency.

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