Commercial Laundry Equipment
A Guide on Coin Operated Laundry Machines Business

Modern commercial laundry equipment these days is of the most interest to hotel, backpacker and apartment rental business owners.

commercial-laundry-equipmentFor most people living in apartments, it is always easy to use commercial laundry systems than to take up the painstaking effort of investing on a washing machine in their own bathroom.

Since commercial laundry machines can be used in diverse sectors like hospitality, healthcare, coin laundry, dry cleaning services, launderettes, industries, education, public sectors, etc., they have become widely popular.

Types of Commercial Laundry Equipment

Commercial washing machines: Ideal for food restaurants, production plants, schools, dry cleaners, etc. these units are highly energy saving, money saving, trouble free and promise fast washing.

Commercial tumbler dryers: Best used for homecare, mop laundries, apartment blocks, universities, etc., these are also high on energy and money saving apart from being long lasting.

Commercial hydro extractors: Meant for industrial washing, these machines can dry washed textiles in a very short time. With high speed operation, they can save both energy and time.

Commercial ironers: This one is a next generation commercial laundry equipment with an overheat thermostat. The finger protection guard doubled with an emergency stop button allows safe and neat ironing.

What is the difference between Industrial laundry machines and Commercial washing machines?

Industrial machine

Commercial washing machines are intended for long term and more frequent usage in the public sector. They are fairly large and are powered with most unconventional washing features. Since functionalities are valued more than style, most of these washer dryers are large square shaped, sharp edged with steel exteriors. Found mostly in launderettes or Laundromats for public access, they are compounded with card readers and money accepting devices.

An industrial washer is a much bigger one that can wash up to 140Kgs of textile in one go and is ideal for industry use. These machines can be used for other types of washing tasks like fabric bleaching, dyeing and stone washing. They can even extract water from the most severely heavy and out of balance wash loads.

What are the specialties of commercial laundry products?

The machines are mostly front loading types with larger doors for convenient loading and unloading. Robust in size, they are integrated with a self heating process that does away with the need of a broiler. The high G force ensures quick drying that dramatically reduces the cost.

A commercial laundry equipment is further powered with inverter drivers for effective energy saving. These machines are very simple to operate as they are meant for public use. They do not host any complicated feature. They are equipped with multiple heavy duty suspensions that ensure a quiet operation.

How Do You Start a Coin Laundry Business?

Lazy Laundry Commercial Video

Opening a Laundromat is not a very complicated thing to do. You need a few commercial equipments, folding tables and a set up, and you are good to go.

However, to turn the laundry business into a profitable one, you need to consider the factors of location, quality of appliances used, energy efficiency, vending, offered services, etc.

A coin operated Laundromat in a proper location is most likely to make huge profits, if run properly. This is because in this modern society, people with busy work schedules will never be bothered buying a washing machine, even though there are plenty of household laundry tips showing people how to save time and money.

As most people in the UK prefer to accomplish their laundry task in weekends instead of having a machine at their home, coin operated laundry mats are high in demand. This type of commercial laundry equipment is installed with coin counting devices that run precisely as much as it is paid for.

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Updated November 30, 2010