Compact Washing Machines in UK
Which is the Best Mini Washing Machine for Apartments?

A small in size and compact washing machine is probably what you might be looking for if your kitchen or bathroom have very limited space.

compact-washing-machineThe ideal compact washer dimensions measure around 70 x 50 x50 cm (height-width-depth). In comparison to the width and height, the depth factor varies in different models. If depth is the major concern for your apartment set up, then you might want to look at narrow washing machines, which are also known as "slimline washers".

You can definitely find these compact washers in many places, but most can be expensive and offer poor quality.

Luckily, there are some companies that manufacturer slim washing machines with small size, but with a good loading capacity.

Here, we have prepared a list of some of the best mini washing machine in the UK that have good loading capacity, but minimum width and height assuring less space consumption in your kitchen. Hope you will find a suitable unit.

Top Compact Washing Machines in UK

Zanussi ZWC1300W

The company offers multifunctional small washing machines in UK that perfectly fit into smaller spaces and can wash all types of fabric. ZWC1300W is a multifunctional Zanussi compact washing machine that can load 3kg and spin at the rate of 1300rpm. It ensures quality performance with varied functionalities such as pre-wash, delay start, variable spin and anti-crease. These features add convenience and increase the cleaning capacity.

Candy AQUA100F

If you want a better loading capacity than the Zanussi narrow washing machine, then you can opt for Candy AQUA100F energy efficient all-in-one washer dryer. It has a 3.5kg loading capacity with 70H x 51W x 44D cm dimensions. Being an energy efficient washer it is also cost effective. Comes with a wash phase indicator that let you know when the washing process gets over and when to take out the clothes.

Haier HLP21E

Is what you need if you look for a Haier compact washing machine. You can easily connect it with the kitchen sink and enjoy its various adjustable settings. Most of the users of this product are satisfied with its super cleaning capacity, but the small 2.99kg loading capacity is a downer. Overall dimensions of this mini washer are 43.82cm depth, 76.2cm height, and 44.78cm width.

Good Ideas Mini Washing Machine

If you belong to a small family or live in an apartment, you can save a lot of your kitchen space with this small model. The unit measures 45 x 30 x 34cm and it is gentle on woollen and delicate clothes. It is extremely economical as well.


If you want more loading capacity within a compact washer, then this one can be a good choice. It can load up to 5KG with a measurement of 850 x 595 x 480 mm. However, the spin speed at 1000rpm is not very encouraging.

Siemens WM12S383GB Front Load Washer

A simple, easy to use washer that can clean almost all types of clothes. It is light weight, but the loading capacity is only 2kg. The spin speed of the unit is 1200 rpm and its dimensions are 84.2 Hx60.0 W x59.0 D cm.

Hotpoint V3D01P

This is compact vented dryer with a maximum loading capacity of 3 kg. The height and width of the unit is 37 cm and 49 cm respectively. You have to keep a constant watch after loading your clothes as there is no display to show the remaining time.

Recommended - Best Compact Washing Machine to Buy

small-washing-machinesTwin Tub - The Convenient Washer

Users of Twin Tub mini washing machines like the easy wash capability and economical performance. This semi automatic washer is convenient with its decent motor speed of 1350rpm.

The Good: The machine can perform both gentle and normal washes. The users liked the usage of spin operation and the availability for a separate timer for the purpose. The measurements of these units are 560mm in height, 565mm in length, and 355mm width.

The Bad: even though easy to handle and light-weight, its loading capacity of 1.5kg is something that many users did not like. However, it is a good example of small washer for apartments.

Final Conclusion & Advice on Buying Compact Washer Dryer

You might have seen several advertisements of small washing machines for apartments, but there are many units that provide only a small difference from the normal size.

To find the best compact washing machines and dryer, you must focus on maximum possible loading capacity and minimum consumption of space. However, the major limitations of these models include 3.5kg or less capacity and spin speed of around 1000rpm.

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Updated October 31, 2010