Haier Washing Machine Review

Haier washing machine for Europe is manufactured by its Chinese producer of consumer electronics.

haier-washing-machineWhile a general misconception prevails about the company being American in origin, most people are unaware of its Chinese rooting.

Ranking fourth in white goods manufacturing, Haier has gained a considerable reputation and a respectable position in the market of laundry appliances.

Haier washers have received satisfactory feedback from clients, and the units are more often recommended by sales people over shop counters. With reliable goods offering at reasonable prices, Haier has set its foot firmly in the market of electronic goods.

Haier Washing Machine Review

Smart washing features of Haier washers, created through cutting edge technology, have made washing awfully simple for everyone.

Haier manufactures machines of 5000 diverse specifications under 18 different categories. Popular in the UK and whole of Europe for its front loading washing machines, the company designs its product based upon the customers' requirements.

The three major factors of health, safety and environmental concerns are evident in the new arrivals.

With capacity up to 7Kgs, the front load washing machine is the best choice to save considerable water, energy and time. The looks of the washers are cool with possible color variation, mostly silver and darker shades.

Haier prices are also very reasonable.

Unique Features of Haier Washing Machines:

Haier HLP21E portable washing machine sound
Video demonstration

The key features of Haier washers are:

  • The intelligent wash features allow the users to tailor the system according to the cloth material dumped for cleaning. They have a large assortment of settings for strong wash, normal wash and mild wash.
  • The large portholes allow easy charge of bulk materials. The drums can easily handle heavy materials in a single go.
  • The A Class energy performance helps saving a lot of energy. Users can save a lot of money in laundering, by cutting down on their electric bill.
  • A high spin speed causes effective and efficient cleaning, while caring for delicate lace based clothes.
  • 60 degree wash ensures complete stripping of detergent residue and stains.
  • Amount of water needed for cleaning is also quite low. For each 60 degree wash, it takes only about 40 litres of water in a standard machine.
  • The option of Delay Timer makes it possible for the users to start the machine at a scheduled time without physical intervention.

Strengths - the Benefits:

  1. A high capacity Haier washer dryer is great for large family use. These units can wash heavy items like curtains, duvets, bed spreads, bathing towels in a bulk amount, in a single load.
  2. Elaborate choices of washing cater to different washing needs of different families.
  3. The exterior of the units is polished, classy and the wide LCD panel is perfect for easier operation.


  1. Some units are reported with frequent breaking down symptoms, which needs company technicians to repair.
  2. Sometimes, some error reports flash up on the screen, and the water does not get drained out.
How Haier Washer Performs in Comparison to Other Competitor Brands?

In terms of functionality, particularly, the front load Haier washing machine is more innovative and elaborate in performance, when it compares to other competitive brands.

The energy saving rate is also higher than the average laundry appliance. In addition, the water saving feature is also very helpful in stopping wastage of water.

Recommended - Haier Washing Machine Best Buy:

Haier-washerHaier HW-C1460

is a 6Kg front load washing machine with Class A energy performance. With a maximum spin speed of 1.400 rpm and a big porthole of 30cm, this unit is meant for bulk washing of heavy cloth materials like towel, duvets and beddings.

Pros: Great spin speed and efficient cleaning.

Cons: Error pops up on the screen at times.

Haier Hw60-1201B

is a stylish 6Kg washing unit with a chic liquid crystal display. A spin speed of 1200rmp provides efficient cleaning, causing noise up to 60db. The unit is available in a modish jet black color.

A great Haier portable washing machine that can be easily carried is Haier HLP21E. Though a top loader and not much preferred in UK, this compact washer performs well as all the others. It is very small and holds about 6 pounds of laundry, at a time.

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Updated November 4, 2010