Hoover Washing Machines Review
What is Special About Hoover Washer Dryer Machine?

Many people associate the Hoover washing machines brand with floor-care appliances.

Hoover-washing-machinesIndeed the word 'Hoover' in the U.K. is used naturally as a word for a vacuum cleaner, so it comes as a surprise to many consumers that they actually manufacture a wide range of home appliance products.

Originally an American brand and subsequently part of the Whirlpool Corporation, Hoover in Europe is now owned by Candy, an Italian manufacturer who sell under both the Hoover and the Candy brand. The Hoover brand in the UK and Europe is no longer connected with Hoover washer in the US, which is now part of TTI Floor Care.

Although much of the manufacturing for the UK and European market used to be done in UK factories, this is no longer the case, and manufacturing of washing machines today takes place at one of several factories across China, Europe and Africa.

If you are looking for Hoover washing machine spares parts, such as bearings, brushes, drums and hoses, they can be sourced from many different places including the official Hoover spares shop, independent retailers, Amazon and Ebay. Users can also book service calls online, download operating instructions and find a trouble-shooting guide for basic problems on the official Hoover laundry UK website.

Hoover Washer Dryer Overview

Hoover offers both freestanding and in-built washing machines and washer dryers, with capacities from 6 kg up to a very generous 10 kg. The main product line consists of:

  1. Hoover Optima (6 and 7kg capacities)
  2. Hoover VisionHD (washer dryers)
  3. Hoover Dynamic (offering 8-10 kg capacity) ranges
  4. Hoover Nextra washing machine - a top loader model

Hoover Washing Machines Features

Hoover washers range include (depending on the model):

Hoover Candy Washing Machine Noise Level Video

  • KG Mode which weighs the laundry to calculate wash time, water and electricity consumption accordingly.
  • Variable spin speed
  • Delay start which means that the user can make the most of lower electricity tariffs if applicable
  • Inverter drive technology for a quieter wash
  • Rapid cycles from just 14 minutes
  • Steam function for either refreshing the clothes or making them easier to iron
  • Hygienic cycle using steam technology to eliminate bacteria
  • Other programmes available on some models include a Duvet cycle for bulkier items, a Stain cycle and a Sensitive Care cycle
  • The Hoover washer dryers all feature 'Automatic Sensor Drying' which uses sensors to automatically calculate the drying time, thus potentially saving money and electricity.

Strengths - The Benefits

  1. Many of their models are recommended by the Energy Saving Trust
  2. Space saving models are available such as the Optima 6 Space Saver OPHS612 and the Nextra Top Loader HNT6414-80

Weaknesses -Potential Quality Problems

  1. Some users believe that quality has decreased in recent years, especially since production has moved away from the U.K.

How Hoover Brand Compares to Competitors?

In terms of specification, many of the features stand up very well to competitor models. Hoover washing machines are mid-range in price, but they do offer some very good features such as the KG mode and steam functionality on some of the higher specification models.

There is concern from some users on forums such as ukwhitegoods, which indicates that Hoover tumble dryer and washing machines are no longer as reliable as they once were, especially compared to brands such as Bosch and Miele.

However there are many reviews for Hoover integrated washing machine on the internet such as on www.reevoo.com, which are extremely positive, so anybody who is considering buying a Hoover should research their model of choice as carefully as possible.

Recommended Best Hoover Washing Machine Review

hoover-oph616Hoover OPH616

This 6kg capacity front load machine comes in at about the 300 to 400 mark and the amount of reviews available indicates that it is a very popular model.

The good: users like the fact that it washes well and features variable spin speeds, the choice of cycles and the ease of use.

The bad: They are not so keen on the noise levels.

Hoover-WMH148DFHoover WMH148DF

This freestanding Hoover washing machine has an 8kg capacity and is around 300.

Pros: consumers liked the rapid wash cycles, and the large drum size.

Cons: some did not like that shorter cycles left the clothes very wet, so that they had to run an extra spin cycle.

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Updated October 11, 2010