Hotpoint Aquarius Washing Machine
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The Hotpoint Aquarius washing machine comes from the house of the UK leading manufacturer of white goods.

hotpoint aquarius washing machineThe company started back in 1900s and has been providing style and comfort for homes with various appliances. Voted by Reader's Digest as the UK's most trusted manufacturer of domestic appliances, the company aims at providing smart product solutions.

The Hotpoint Aquarius washer range is one of the most popular and best selling laundry appliances in the UK and rest of the Europe.

Powered with time saving features and exceptional washing technology, there are two ranges of washers: Aquarius+ and Aquarius.

Hot Aquarius Washing Machine Reviews

The Hotpoint Aquarius washer dryer range offers an entire host of features, with higher capacity, than before, to make washing easier and cheaper.

The machines boost a standard drum capacity of a 6KGs while consuming 53 litres in a single wash. Offering a comprehensive choice of washing programs, the units have an exclusive time saving feature that saves remarkable time and power.

With all their unique features and performance, Hot point Aquarius machines are a balanced blend of high performance, great value and stunning looks.

Hotpoint Aquarius WF541 Video Demonstration

Distinctive Common Features of Hotpoint Aquarius Washing Machines:

  • A whole long range of washing programs for delicate and tough fabric. The machines have a Mini Load feature that can be activated when users want to wash only a few items.
  • For intensive fabric care, Hotpoint Aquarius washing machine has two way drum rotation that not only effectively cleans the clothes, but also reduces tangling of the clothes.
  • The smart option - Reduce Creases button will automatically prompt the machine that the clothes need lesser ironing.
  • The unique Time Saver feature that reduces the running time by third, in any programme. Thus, the users can get their clothes cleaned and save a lot of time for other activities as well.
  • The machines prompt the users and display them every stage of its cleaning through the lights of Programme Progress Indication.
  • At 5.5 KGs, the machines have 'A' energy and 'A' wash, with the Advanced Total System in the Aquarius Extra Washing Machines.

Strengths - the Benefits:

  1. Enhanced washing programmes ensure perfect washing along with fabric care.
  2. The Time Saver option is very convenient for users to save time and energy when needed.
  3. The Mini Load option, for washing of lesser clothes, at a reduced rate of energy consumption is very smart.

Weaknesses - Minor Disadvantages:

  1. Comparatively higher consumption of water for washing, in case of drums for higher capacity.
How Does Hotpoint Aquarius Compares to Other Brands?

The features of Hotpoint Aquarius washing machines are simply exceptional and very convenient for the users. With multiple matchless features, washing is so much fun.

Being in the business for decades now, it has acquired the trust of the UK people with its reliable appliances, used in almost all households.

The price of the commodities is very reasonable. The laundry appliances of Aquarius range start from about 230 to under 500 - the cost affordable for most families budget.

Recommended Hotpoint Aquarius Appliance Best Buy:

Hotpoint Aquarius Washer Dryer WDL5490

hotpoint aquarius washer dryerIt has a generous washing capacity of 7 KGs, with "A" rated energy efficiency.

With a drying capacity of 4 KGs, this washer dryer is ideal for small families. An assortment of 16 washing programmes, includes a 'Ready To Wear' option that delivers your clothes in wearable conditions, within 60 minutes.

Pros: With elaborate washing styles, it offers perfect laundry solutions to the users. The 'Ready To Wear' option is outstandingly useful.

Cons: Tub capacity of only7 KGs is not meant for large families or more than 4 people. In addition, the machine has received some consumer reports for having intermittent faults.

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