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Hotpoint washing machines in UK are produced by their British manufacturer Hotpoint Electric Heating Company.

hotpoint-washing-machinesThe company was founded in 1911 and has its headquarters in Peterborough, England.

Widely known for Hotpoint appliances throughout UK, Ireland Republic and Continental Europe, its parent concern is the Indesit UK - a Company originated from Italy.

In the domain of washing machines and other laundering devices, Hotpoint washers have received enormous acceptance due to reliability and durability of its products.

Hotpoint Washer Dryers Reviews - Brief Overview:

Though you can buy Hotpoint top loader washing machine, the front loading units are much preferred in the UK.

hotpoint-intergrated-washerThe Hotpoint washing machine starts at 5Kg and range up to a humongous 9Kg unit. The freestanding models, with an average dimension of 85X59.5X64.5cm, are low at water and energy consumption.

With elaborate and convenient washing programs, the features are tailored to serve the needs of all types of washing common required in a family household.

The costs of Hotpoint washer starts from 230 to about 600 and above. A Hotpoint integrated washing machine is slimmer than the other average machines, but also costs higher than the rest.

Typical Features of Hotpoint Washing Machines:

Though each washer dryer is known to host different features, the key features remain the same for all units.

Hotpoint Ultima WT960 Washing Machine
Spinning with door open at 1400rpm
Video Demonstration

  • Hotpoint laundry appliances are known to be equipped with extraordinary cleaning features that can serve all kind of washing requirements. The highly structured washing programmes make it possible for users to wash in whichever way they like.
  • Though these washers are not known to make loud noises setting the whole house to vibrate, yet the Super Silent washers are powered with specialized motors that dramatically diminish the noise level. With these machines working at home, the users will hardly be able to feel the operation during the wash cycles.
  • Energy efficiency is another patent feature of all Hotpoint integrated and non-integrated machines. For this, 3 Eco Cycles have been employed for daily washing of clothes. Cotton, Synthetic and Fast Wash meet the necessary washing requirements of all types of fabric loaded.
  • Synthetic option is meant especially for man made fibres and the Fast wash is for mixed types, which need a freshening up.
  • The Eco Fast Wash mode, integrated with the Time Save function allows washing in just 30 minutes. This not only helps the users to save a lot of time, but they can also save up on energy consumption and money, along with intensive care for the fabric.
  • All Hotpoint washing machines feature a special programme of Woolmark Care that is endorsed by the world's leading authority of Woolmark, for all types of woollen cloth items. The low spin speed and extra-gentle agitator ensures avoidance of any sort of friction, thus washing the wools keeping their condition intact.
  • The Baby Cycle is designed for removal of stubborn stains of mud, grease, food, yoghurt, fruit, etc. from the clothes of babies and toddlers.
  • The Lingerie Cycle is for gentle wash of typically delicate inner wear and night wear items made from satin, lace, etc.
  • Finally, the Shirt Cycle in Hotpoint washer is designed to clean shirts carefully, without creasing to ascertain smooth ironing.

Hotpoint Can Sound Noisy and Vibrate at 1200 rpm

Strengths: the Benefits

  1. Intelligent washing
  2. High on performance.
  3. Enhanced washing programmes.

Weaknesses: Minor Problems

  1. The machines have been companied with error codes flashing up on the screen.
  2. Sometimes machines go noisy and unstable at high spin speed.
How Do Hotpoint Appliances Compare to Other Brands?

Hotpoint washer machines are known for their uninterrupted cleaning cycles and washing performance in comparison to many competitors.

The new range of Hotpoint integrated washing machines are specially designed to fit behind tight spaces behind the cabinet doors, and give a seamless look to the kitchen.

Recommended Best Hotpoint Washing Machine to Buy:

Hotpoint Aquarius Washing Machine

Hotpoint-Aquarius-WMF740Kis considered to be the best buy for this brand. Popular model is Hotpoint Aquarius WMF740K - a 7Kg washer with a slender dimension of 850X595X565mm. With a 1400rmp spin speed and 16 wash programmes inclusive of Silk Wash, Quick Wash, Delicate Wash, etc., this machine has separate treatments for different types for cloth materials.

With a low water consumption level of only 60 litres per load, the machine sports energy and wash efficiency of 'A' grade. Wool Gold Care, Fast wash, Hand Wash, Time Saver etc. not only promise effective washing, but also save the users a lot of time.

The Good: It has Mini Load feature, for as little as 1kg wash. Other good things people like are: Variable Temperature for clothes and Favourite programmes which can be saved and stored for repeated use.

The Bad: Sometimes the machine is reported to be leaking. It's only available in black.

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