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Indesit Moon SIXL145S Silver Washer Review

The infamous Indesit Moon washing machines are manufactured by the Italian multinational firm of Indesit Company, based in Fabriano.

indesit-moon-washerNow a leading manufacturer of appliances in Europe, the company was founded back in 1975. Earlier named as Merloni Elettrodomestici, the company was renamed to Indesit in 2005.

The Indesit Moon washer range has gained enormous popularity and received several awards due to the outstanding performance and expensive-cool-looking style. Groundbreaking inventions from the house of Indesit, these washers are designed for every home.

Packed with intelligent cleaning solutions, exciting technologies and future friendly nature, these machines have been designed very practically and are affordable to the mass.

Even though the Indesit Moon manual comes with every purchased unit, users can download them online, from the official website of the company.

Features of Indesit Moon Washing Machine

Indesit MOON Review - Video Demonstration

  • The washers are equipped with only four singular buttons and all it takes is one touch to set the units running. Users can instantly set the desired wash cycles by the press of a button and can leave the rest for the machine to perform.
  • 'A' rated washing at 60 is specially designed for cleaning white and colourfast clothes. Users can simply load the clothes and press the button for the required program.
  • At the 30 cycle, the machines clean synthetic and cotton clothes within 30 minutes. This saves the users a lot of time.
  • If hand wash cloth items are loaded in the 30 program, the integrated special sensor identifies the existence of detergent and hence, performs an automatic rinse-only cycle.
  • The 30 spin programme is specifically meant for woollen clothes. The cycle ensures a gentle wash of 30 that retains the original condition of the fabric. Users can also skip the final cycle to wash silk cloth materials and other precious and delicate fabrics in the same wash program.
  • The 40 wash programme is perfect for colourfast and white synthetic and cotton clothes that are for regular use. The Colour Mix Easy Iron 40 programme enables deep cleaning through gentle washes on the brightest colours. Hence, it is now easier to restore the colours which are the first to get faded.
  • Side by Side, the Easy Iron feature ensures neat ironing by keeping creasing and wrinkling to the minimum.
  • The Moon washers' doors feature an integrated self cleaning detergent dispenser that discharges detergents directly to the machine while washing. This improves cleaning up to about 50%. Users will have to pour in liquid detergent through the opening, and the machines will handle the rest.
  • Users will not have to clean the dispenser every now and then. The incessant flow of water ensures that it is permanently clean. Even though cleaning is not required, the top of the dispenser can be easily removed.
  • Indesit Moon door seal is another unique feature - it prevents water leakage. Moreover, the door seal protects the door from getting damaged when shut hard.
  • Moon washing machines are exclusive in their style and design. Favourably devised to fit in the tightest of spaces, the machines do not stick out of their places.

Quick Overview of Features


  1. Revolutionary technology and smart solutions ensure greater cleaning
  2. Extensive fabric care programs for restoring the original state of the clothes
  3. One touch cycle setting for easy and convenient operation
  4. Compact and sleek in style to fit in all corners


  1. Sometimes the dials of the Indesit Moon machines get stuck, and it is difficult to take it out for cleaning.
  2. The red light in the machines does not lit or flash at times.
  3. Users have complained about drainage issues in some units as one of the major Indesit Moon problems.

Recommended Indesit Moon Washer Best Buy

Indesit-Moon-SIXL145SIndesit Moon SIXL145S is an award winning unit with future friendly technology, and a stylish get up at an affordable price. This Indesit Moon Silver unit is priced just under 250, and is a perfect size for most households.

Pros: Very popular among users, this unit has a 1400rmp Spin Speed with a wash load capacity of 6Kgs. With A+ energy saving rate, the machine features 8 enhanced washing programmes. Users can use the Quick Wash program for easy and time saving cleaning.

Cons: users face issues while operating the machine, as some of the controls are not very user friendly.

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