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indesit-tumble-dryersThe Indesit tumble dryer offers smart features with its notable reverse action drying and elaborate programmes.

Powered with Sensor drying, the machines prevent the clothes from over drying, thus avoiding unnecessary power consumption.

Getting laundry done with Indesit dryer machines is economical as the models are cheap and consumes less energy in comparison to the basic laundry appliances on the market.

Features of Indesit Tumble Dryers

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  • The models are mostly freestanding for easy placement inside the house. Users can place them anywhere in the mudroom and laundry room for convenient usage.
  • Indesit tumble dryers are mostly frontloading. Wide front doors are suitable for loading large bed sheets and curtains easily.
  • The doors can be opened up to 180 to the left. Users will find it very helpful to load and unload clothes with such a wide door opening.
  • The tumble dryers usually range in capacity from 6 to 7.5Kgs. The sizes are ideal for washing clothes from small to large quantities. Thus both single and multiple users can buy the machines as per their drying requirements.
  • A standard Indesit tumble dryer has over 15 drying programmes. Elaborate programmes are meant to cater to all types of drying needs of different fabrics.
  • Some of the dryers are armed with a condenser drying system for effective drying without making the fabric excessively dry. This feature is highly helpful for users while drying satin and delicate clothes that need enough care. This fabric care feature is great for woollen cloth items that tend to throw out bobbins after a few washes and dries.
  • Cool air cycle smoothens out the creases without harming the fabric.
  • Delay Timer allows the users to dry their clothes at a delayed time. They can set the timer to the desired time and get on with their work. The machine will dry the clothes on its own at the set time. The time can be delayed to about 12 hours in a standard machine.
  • The Empty water indicator prompts the users about the capacity of its water container. The indicator buzzes and illuminates to inform the users that it needs emptying.
  • The reverse tumble action prevents the clothes from getting entangled to each other during the tumble action. This reduces the labour of the users as they do not have to waste time detangling the clothes after unloading.
  • The filter can be removed for convenient cleaning. Users can easily dislodge it from the Indesit dryer door when it needs cleaning.

Indesit IDV65 Review


  1. Cheap dryers
  2. Series of drying programmes suitable for all sorts of fabric
  3. Delay timer for drying clothes at a later time.
  4. Large drying capacity


  1. C class energy efficiency is poor for saving power
  2. Takes a long time to dry
  3. The drain hole gets stuck if not cleaned regularly

Recommended Indesit Tumble Dryer Best Buy

Indesit-IDV65Indesit IDV65 tumbler is a freestanding model with a dimension of 85.0x59.5x58.4 cm. With a drying capacity of 6KG, the unit has a vented drying system and 15+1 drying programmes for effective drying of all fabric types. Other drying features include cool air cycle, Empty water indicator, Delay timer, 180 door opening and 0 level sensing for minimizing creases, informing users about emptying water, delay drying, easy loading and smart washing respectively.

This cheap Indesit dryer can be bought for under 200.

Indesit-IDC75SIndesit IDC75S is an Indesit condenser tumbler dryer of 7Kg drying capacity and 15+1 drying programmes. Pros: Available in silver body colour, the unit looks stylish and elegant that is befitting to any decor. With other basic cleaning features, this one has a condensed drying system. Cons: Energy Class C shows a poor performance in conserving power.

Priced slightly higher than the rest, around 260, this model offers good performance with stylish design.

Indesit-IDVA735SIndesit IDVA735S is a high end model with advanced features like 3 automatic drying levels for a greater fabric care and flexibility. Electronic in operation, it has a separate wool programme for woollen items, Anti-crease system at both the beginning and end of the cycle for minimum creases and End of Cycle Alarm to inform the users about the completion of a cycle.

Priced around a moderate 240, this one offers a cool look with silver body colour.

Other bestselling Indesit dryers are IDV65S, IDC75, IDCA835, IDCE845S, IS31VU and IDCE845K.

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