Indesit Washer Dryer
Efficient with Automatic Sensors, But Expensive

Indesit-washer-dryerAn Indesit washer dryer hosts a series of special programmes coupled with a user friendly interface.

The units come with a warranty of 12 months and offer easy cleaning and maintenance facility for the users. Many consumer reports praise the Indesit washing machines great performance for its comparatively affordable price points.

Indesit integrated washer dryer models range in capacity from 6+4Kg to 8+6Kg for use in small to jumbo families. With a very low maintenance cost, they are worth investing in, even though they have a very high price.

Indesit Washer Dryer features

Indesit WIDL126 washer dryer - in drying stage video

  • An average Indesit washer dryer has a standard dimension of 85.0x59.5x53.5cm. Being quite slender, they can be placed in any corner of the laundry room easily.
  • With A Class wash efficiency, the washer dryers offer easy removal of stubborn stains. Users just need to set the appropriate wash programme depending on the nature of stains and dirt in the fabrics.
  • The machine drums are made of poliplex material for easy maintenance and durability. Poliplex polyethylene is used to avoid rusting and corrosion, common in metals.
  • Spin speed of Indesit washer dryers vary from 1000rmp to 1400rmp. The greater the spin speed, the better washing performance it delivers. An average Indesit machine features 1200rmp spin speed which provides excellent washing and drying.
  • A striking feature of the machines is that the spin speeds are variable depending on the washing needs.
  • The capacity of an average machine is 6Kg for the washer and 5Kg for the dryer, which is enough for a moderate sized household. Units with lower and higher capacities are also available.
  • The Automatic consumption control allows the machine to monitor the maximum level of water. Thus users will not have to worry about exceeding the maximum water level.
  • The Silk programme is specially designed to wash and dry silk clothes. Users will have to activate the programme while washing silk clothes to get intensive fabric care.
  • The Extra Rinse feature, meant especially for kids' clothes, washes the clothes with extra care to rinse off the soapy water. Users can use this feature if they feel that the clothes contain detergent even after washing.
  • Special programmes include the Express Wash & Dry option which will wash, dry and make your clothes wearable in just 45minutes. This gentle wash programme is ideal for users who are in a hurry.
  • The Sports Programme is meant to wash extra dirty technical fibres and sports shoes. Users can dump them in the machine without even pre-treating them.
  • The Automatic Sensor drying level does the guesswork for you. The drums are fitted with an automatic sensor that monitors the moisture level in the fabric and stops the drum when they are completely dry. This feature ensures that the clothes are neatly washed and dried, thus preserving them as new ones.

Indesit IWDC6125 Washer/Dryer cleaning cycle demonstration


  1. High on performance for effective washing
  2. Easy to use for all types of users
  3. Easy cleaning and maintenance for convenience of the users
  4. Fairly durable and last quite a few years
  5. Separate wash and dry programmes for each type of cloth
  6. Express Wash and Dry option for quick washing, drying and ironing of clothes


  1. The biggest drawback of the units is their high noise level
  2. Temperature Sensor often needs repair
  3. Expensive and out of affordability of many

Recommended Indesit Integrated Washer Dryer Best Buy

Indesit-IWDE126Indesit IWDE126 is a built-in washer and dryer with 6Kg wash capacity and 5Kg dry capacity. With a dimension of 82.0x59.5x55cm, it has a spin speed of 1200rmp; Class B energy efficiency and Class A wash efficiency. Main functionalities include Delay Timer, Extra Rinse, Automatic Consumption Control and Silk Programmes, with a variable spin speed and crease reduction feature. One of the highlights of the machine is its Overflow device that prevents water from overflowing.

This Indesit washer dryer can be bought for under 500.

Other popular models (including freestanding) are PWDC8125, IWDE7145B, IWDD7143, IWDC6125S and IWDE126.

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