Indesit Washing Machine Problems
Troubleshooting Parts and DIY Manual Repairs


Most of the common Indesit washing machine problems faced by the users can be easily dealt at home. A few manual troubleshooting tricks along with proper maintenance can keep your machine going without complaints for a long time.

Indesit washing machine repairs should only be tried at home if the problems are minor. In case of major electric circuit or motor related problems, you should consult a mechanic.

Here is the run down of the most common troubleshooting and quick fixes you can do at home:

  1.  Users have reported that, sometimes the washed and dried clothes smell of damp fabric when they are taken out of the machine. In some cases, the rubber seal turns black. This problem is caused by the bacteria that build up inside the hoses due to washing in low temperature. This trouble occurs more when the machine is directly connected to a sink instead of a standpipe. You need to run a 90 wash cycle after every 4 weeks with only 2 caps full of baby sterilizing fluid, which is available at a very cheap price in any store. You need to practise this maintenance wash regularly along with running a machine descaler every 4 to 6 months. Avoid using bleach for cleaning as it foams up, causing more troubles.
  2. Sometimes, the drum does not spin, and the washer machine display shows error code F-20. This means a serious problem has occurred with the motor. You need to check the motor carbons. Most unlikely, if you find the motor broken, then you will need to see a technician. However, in case of occurrence of error codes related to out of balance load, trouble emptying water or taking in water, the solutions can be found in the manual book.
  3. Sometimes, the machines do not work at all, in spite of the lights turned on. Often, faulty door interlock, on off switch or open circuit motor can have bizarre effects on the machine. It will not fill, drain, run, or produce error codes. In such a situation, you need to inspect the mentioned areas.
How to Obtain an Indesit Washing Machine Manual?

Every Indesit washer comes with an instruction book or a manual. In case you have misplaced it, you can download it from the available links over the Internet. For this, you need the proper model number of your washing machine.

Most Indesit machines have their number displayed on the front or behind the doors of the units. Some models have their number on the front panel. Sometimes, they are unreliable, so check behind the door for the full model number.

You might also need other numbers like the serial number, product number, etc. of the machine. So, keep the cash memo and other related documents handy.

In case, the links do not work, you need to contact the manufacturers for the manual book.

What is the Cost for Indesit Spare Parts Replacement?

The drum bearings of the machines are placed in a back plate that can be easily removed. Though the bearings can be accessed and repaired at a cheap cost, the new bearing replacement will cost 50% greater than the purchase price.

A standard motor of the Indesit washing machines costs about 200. It takes 75% of the purchase price to fit it with a professional. Indesit charges even more for fitting.

Other replaceable parts like drain hose, pump, soap dispenser, stacking kit, carbon brush, belt tension, door seal, pump, etc. should always be bought genuine from the manufacturers.

Conclusion on Indesit Washing Machine Troubleshooting

Indesit washing machine problems and minor issues can be fixed by the instructions provided in the manual book that it comes with. Worn out or broken spare parts should always be replaced with original parts by certified engineers from Indesit.

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