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Indesit-Moon Indesit Moon Washing Machine SIXL145S Silver Washer
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Indesit-washer-dryers Indesit Washer Dryer - Energy Efficient with Automatic Sensors, But Expensive
The energy efficient Indesit integrated washer dryer machines have separate wash and dry programmes with automatic sensors to keep water consumption low. The only downside is that they are noisy and expensive.

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Indesit Washing Machine Problems Troubleshooting and Manual Repairs
Most common Indesit washer problems, like the bad smell of damp clothes or error code F-20m can be easily fixed with manual troubleshooting at home. Repairs of simple broken parts...

Indesit washing machines in UK and Europe belong to the multinational house of Indesit Company, based in Fabriano, Italy.

indesit-washing-machinesFounded in 1975, previously named as Merloni Household, it was the first domestic producer in home appliance industry, in Italy. After successive progression, in 1988, the company became the fourth largest manufacturer of domestic goods in Europe.

Presently, it is the biggest supplier and manufacturer of kitchen appliances in UK.

In the domain of laundry appliances, Indesit has earned phenomenal fame, due to its extremely cheap laundry units. Though not very good, in terms of longevity, Indesit does offer some machines that have impressive features coupled with a durable built.

If you wish to compare Indesit washing machine units with other brands, then you can make use of some of the free online websites offering such services.

Indesit Washer Dryer Reviews - Appliances Overview:

The front load Indesit washers are much preferred in UK, due to their sleek style and affordability.

The machines have a maximum wash capacity of 9Kg, starting at a reasonable 5Kg. Though users have come up with consistent complaints of units starting to pick up faults after some years, and it takes almost half the amount of the price to repair them, the cheap cost makes up for all.

The prices are quite low compared to the other brands. The washing machines start at about 190 to under 500 and with some models costing slightly above that range.

Outstanding Features of Indesit Washing Machines:

A standard front loading Indesit washers is fully automatic, with a washing capacity of 6Kgs. Though this load is way too much for the small families and single users, they can buy the ones with smaller capacity to save considerable energy and money.

Indesit spin with open door video demonstration

  • With a moderate revolution speed of 1200rmp per minute, the machines flaunt an A grade wash efficiency.
  • An average size of 82X60X55cm, is suitable for placing it in restricted spaces of kitchen or in other rooms. Indesit integrated washing machines come in an even slimmer frame.
  • The machines rank A in energy efficiency, consuming about 0.93kWh. Thus, with these machines, users can have a cheap laundry service, with cheap machine and low electric bills.
  • The tubes are made of stainless steel that prevents rusting, and lasts longer, until they need replacement.
  • Require remarkably low water in every load. Indesit washer dryers consume about 65 litres of water, for every 6Kg wash load.
  • The simple and fewer complicated features make it very easy for users of all age and section of society to operate, without any confusion.
  • The controls are made in an intuitive fashion, so that changing and aborting programmes once started, is not difficult. However, the users can follow the instruction guide to help themselves through.
  • Indesit washing machines use pricy motors that run at their optimum level, yielding high results.

Strength - the Benefits:

  1. Very easy to use with only the basic features you need.
  2. One of the cheapest washing machines on the market.

Weakness - Usability Problems:

  1. Lack of versatility and advanced wash cycles.
  2. Some units do not have a display panel, which makes it a little hard to use.
How Does Indesit Compares to Other Laundry Brands?

Indesit appliances have earned a reputable impression among users, in the whole of United Kingdom.

Though, the machines have a reputation of breaking down and giving way pretty soon, but they can also be repaired with the help of engineers. The price taken for this is lesser than the price of a brand new one, but many prefer to buy a new unit, due to its high affordability.

Recommended Best Indesit Washing Machine to Buy:

Indesit IWE8123

Indesit-IWE8123With the wash capacity of a massive 8Kgs, and spin speed of 1200rmp, this machine caters to stain free washing in large volumes.

Rated A, in terms of energy and wash performance, this unit creates little noise, which is as low as 58dBA, it has a rock bottom annual water consumption of 13800 litres and 69 litres per cycle.

With an enhanced line of features like Delay Timer, Overflow Protection, End of Program Timer, Matching Dryer, etc. this product is unique and ideal for regular and effective washing.

The Pros: this is one of the cheap Indesit washing machines - it can be bought for the lowest price of under 230 with free shipping. It also has an entire host of features with high utility value.

The Cons: we have not found any significant complaint or consumer reports on problems as of the moment of this writing.

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