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As the name suggests - Integrated washer dryer is a combined device with built-in washing machine and drying tumbler.

integrated-washer-dryerAlso known as all-in-one washer and clothes dryer, they are a practical solution for those suffering from a shortage of space and having fewer clothes to clean.

A fully integrated washer dryer accomplishes the job efficiently like any regular washer while additionally drying the clothes. The machine condenses the moisture in the clothes eliminating it through the water outlet.

However, if you are considering buying one, then you should concentrate on the overall size of the unit and the load it washes in every turn. The spin speed, wash time and noise levels are also deciding factors, as users should feel comfortable in using the device.

Further, the most important factors of energy and water consumption will determine the cost it will take per wash. Last, but not the least, the performance ratings will tell you about the efficiency of the machine.

Popular Integrated Washer Dryer Reviews


WVTI2842 is an integrated washer with 1400rmp spin speed. With a 5Kg wash capacity and 2 5Kg dry capacity, the unit saves up to 40% of the washing time of the user. A total of 15 Fabric Care programmes, with program status displaying in LED, washing is simple, easy and effective with this machine.

A wide selection of programmes includes Wool Rinse, Variable Spin Speed, Hand Wash, Hold option, Time delay up to 24 hours, etc. for convenient washing. This unit is priced at about 870.


BHWD129 series are the front load integrated washer dryers with 16 wash programmes. With a spin speed of 1200rmp, for washing varied materials, the machine hosts a 6.5 Kg washing capacity. The machine has B energy and A wash rating, further equipped with Half Load, Child Lock and Woollen Programme.

The Delay Timer, Variable Washing Temperatures, Reverse Tumbler Act, etc. make the machine unique. With 3 dryer settings, the unit makes noise in a very low level of about 55dB. Priced at just under 900, this machine is worth spending on as you can also find free shipping offers.


L11842VIT is a fully integrated washing machine with a washing load capacity of 6Kgs. The machine has a drying capacity of 3Kgs. With a slender dimension of 820X600X555mm, it can be fitted to any corner of the house, without being stuck out.

The Electronic controls are easy to operate due to the user friendly interface. With a maximum spin speed of 1200rmp, this machine has an impressive washing performance. Priced at around 700, this unit is an ideal device for big families.


Zanussi ZKI245 is a built in washer with a spin speed of 1400rmp and a wash load of 6Kg and Drying of 4kg. With a specially designed Rotary Control and Essential design washer/dryer, the machine hosts 21 detailed programmes.

Though the unit's energy efficiency is rated poor as BA, it has useful features like, Prewash, Mini30, Easy Ironing, etc. for best washing results. Priced at something in the range of over 600, it is available at a discounted rate in the online retail stores.


IWDE126 is a 5Kg integrated washer dryer. Meant for nuclear families, it has a maximum spin speed of 1200rmp. With a wash efficiency of A grade and wide selection of wash programmes, it has a high performance in terms of washing.

Though, rated B in drying efficiency, the machine does not over underperform in drying. The energy efficiency of the machine is also B, but the convenient programs make up for the shortcomings. Slated around 500, it is known for its skilled washing.


HDB642 with a washing and drying capacity of 6Kg and 4Kg, respectively, this Hoover unit is 870X600X540mm in dimension. With a wide array of wash controls like variable temperature and variable spin, washing is even more effective.

Users can set the programs according to the type of fabrics loaded. 'A' Energy efficiency helps in saving a lot of energy, thus enabling laundering at a cheap rate. The unit is priced around 650.


EWX12550W is a built in washer of 6Kg capacity. With 3Kg drying capacity, and a spin speed of 1400rmp, the machine scores A in washing performance. A dimension of 820X600X541mm, it will not take much of the space.

Though the machine has a B grade in the energy efficiency, its washing performance makes it worth buying. This machine costs about 800.


AWZ514D is again a built in washer dryer with a thin structure of 82.0X59.5X53.0cm. The machine has a maximum spin speed of 1400rmp and can wash and dry 5Kg and 2.5Kg, respectively, in every load.

With 14 wash programmes and an LCD of control panel type, it has variable spin and temperature for effective washing cycles. This costs about 700.


CDB264-80 has a dimension of about 82X60X54cm and 1200rmp spin speed. With a wash load of 6Kg and dry load of 4Kg, the machine flaunts 12 washing programmes, with an A grade washing performance.

This machine is one of those dryers that suit all sorts of laundry needs. It has a price of about 700.


A semi integrated washer dryer can also deliver impressive washing performance, but due to the shortage of space, most buyers prefer the fully integrated ones.

However, before making the plunge, a thorough market research is necessary to come up with the best integrated washer dryer. Also make sure you ask for a free built-in washing machine installation service.

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