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Integrated washing machines can be used for both washing and drying of your dirty clothes. These laundry appliances are neatly built into your kitchen or utility storage area and can be kept hidden from view behind the sealing door or blend in seamlessly with your home decor.

integrated-washing-machinesIntegrated machines can be easily installed under kitchen counter or bath sinks. Buying built in washers is the perfect choice if you have a limited space.

The same time, you will get diverse washing cycles and many cleaning options similar to most freestanding units.

The way the dryer performs is the major difference between a built in washing machine and a general washer. These units use condensing type of drying method, so external venting is not required.

In residential apartments and condos, where venting is not possible, having a built in washer is, perhaps, the only feasible choice.

Popular Integrated Washer Reviews

Before you buy, bear in mind that some units are only semi integrated washing machine designs while others are fully integrated. For pleasant aesthetic completely seamless look, it is recommended to opt in for fully built-in units. Below are some popular models:

Bosch WIS24140GB

Bosch-WIS24140GBBosch is a renowned brand of built in washing machines. WIS24140GB is a popular integrated washer by Bosch with slim depth, which provides energy efficient washing, excellent load capacity and high spin speed. It is effective for careful handling of the delicate clothes and assures a hand-wash kind of safety. It costs just over 600.

Pros: 7 kg wash load, 1200 rpm speed, Hand wash, Silk wash, Quiet performance and Easy to use.

Cons: Expensive

Hotpoint BHWM129

Hotpoint-BHWM129This is a Hotpoint fully integrated washing machine and it is one of the best units by the company. The washer has got 'A+' energy rating, 'A' wash rating, and 'B' spin rating. You can select from the wide range of washing programs (16 programs) that includes a fast wash, a baby cycle, three eco cycles, a half load function, a programme for wool platinum care, and a quick wash programme of 30 minutes. It includes 7 kg loading capacity and 1200 rpm speed. The machine measures 82 cm x 59 cm x 55 cm and costs under 500 (usually around 470_.

Advantages: 1200 rpm spin, 7 kg load, High ratings for washing and energy usage, 16 washing programs and Free 5 year warranty of parts.

Disadvantages: No significant problems found.

Indesit IWME12

Indesit-IWME12Indesit is an emerging band in the UK and its home appliances are quite popular. The company is known for offering innovative products that can make your life simple. Indesit IWME12 is one of the popular cheap integrated washing machines that feature 5.49 kg weight capacity and 1200 rpm spin speed. The dimensions of the unit are 54.99 cm x 80.01 cm x 59. 51 cm (Depth x Height x Width).

The Good: High spin speed, 20 wash programmes, Delay timer to set the time for washing as per preference, A energy efficiency and A wash performance ratings.

The Bad: Very noisy

Zanussi ZWI1125

Zanussi-ZWI1125Zanussi is a popular brand of washing machines that needs no introduction. One of the popular lines of built in washers of the brand is the Zwi1125 series, sold as fully integrated washing machines. It provides a wash capacity of 6 KG and a spin speed of 1200 rpm. The dimensions of the unit are 82 cm height, 60 cm width and 55 cm depth. Zwi1125 costs around 515.00.

Benefits: High spin speed, A+ energy efficiency; A wash efficiency; and Bosch Classixx 1200 Express spin efficiency rating, Automatic half load feature for less water consumption for small loads, Careful wash for different fabrics and Delay timer- delay the start up to 24 hours.

Downsides: Costly.

AEG L62642VI

AEG-L62642VIThis is another top class built in washer with the spin speed of 1200 rpm. It includes a loading capacity of 6KG and an LCD display to show various options. The unit measures 820 mm height x 595 mm width x 555 mm depth. It is available in the price range of around 670.

Strengths: Aqua control for protection against leak/anti flood, High spin speed, Various wash programs, Highly rated for energy efficiency, load capacity and wash efficiency, Quite and User-friendly.

Weakness: Difficult to find in local stores (you'd have more luck ordering online).

Electrolux EWG14750W

Electrolux-EWG14750WPriced around 620.00, Electrolux EWG14750W is one of the best integrated washer machines. It provides high spin speed with 1400 rpm and it is fully integrated. Highly rated for energy efficiency and wash efficiency and it can load up to 6 kg.

Pros: High spin speed at 1400 rpm, but it can be altered according to the requirement, High ratings for energy efficiency (A+), wash efficiency (A) and spin efficiency (B) and has Indicator for remaining time.

Cons: High price.

Whirlpool AWO/D 049

Whirlpool-AWO-D049Is sold as fully integrated washers with the dimensions of 820 (H) x595(W) x540 (D) and maximum loading capacity of 5 KG. It includes 18 different washing programs and the spin speed of 1000 rpm.

Pros: Energy efficient, Wide opening door and Different programs for delicate fabrics.

Cons: Noisy.

These are some of the best integrated washing machines available in the market as of the moment of this review. Note that not all models are capable of drying your clothes. For both cleaning and drying machines, click the link below for more reviews.

integrated-washer-dryersSemi & Fully Integrated Washer Dryer Reviews

Reviews of popular integrated washer dryers (all models have built-in condensing tumble dryer to eliminate moisture) manufactured by: Bosch, Hotpoint, AEG, Zanussi, Indesit, Hoover, Electrolux, Whirlpool and Candy. When searching for the best model, you should concentrate on the overall size of the unit, the load capacity, spin speed, wash time, noise levels, energy and water consumption ratings for accurate cost comparison.

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