Kenmore Washing Machine Reviews

The first Kenmore washing machine was introduced in the market in 1927, under the brand name of Kenmore Appliances.

kenmore-washing-machineAlthough, the household devices are marketed and sold under the brand name, the goods are manufactured by multiple companies, namely, GE, Whirlpool Corp, Electrolux, LG, Mabe Mexico and Panasonic. The brand is owned by Sears Holding Corporation, and the products are sold at Kmart.

Kenmore has a consistent reputation of selling dependable goods, and in its line of products, the washing machines are the oldest to exist.

Users and prospective customers, who are looking for a complete help guide before buying the products, can go through this piece. For Kenmore dryer parts and other spares, you can visit the official site of Kenmore. The website features a unique Connect System that offers a solution on the spot and also exhibits product technicalities, prices and available discounts.

Kenmore Washing Machine Reviews:

kenmore-dryersKenmore front load washers and dryers are high in technology and articulate in style.

Kenmore's range starts from washer drum capacity of a moderate size to a substantial one. The enormous drums allow washing of 10 bath towels at a time, along with other big items like bed spreads.

The size of the machines is also not humongous, considering the size of the washing drums. Those with a sleek width can be easily installed inside a kitchen cupboard to save spatial loss.

While the Kenmore front load machines are relatively new, in terms of technology, Kenmore's water saving and environment friendly features put them forth in the list, much ahead of the rest. The front load washers are specially designed for silent washes, while efficiency remains the same.

The price of Kenmore laundry appliances varies from a moderate figure to a whopping one. The standard machines fit well within the lesser digit figure.

Exclusive Features of Kenmore Washing Machines:

Kenmore Drain/Spin Sound Video Demonstration

Kenmore dryers and washers are found in many homes in the UK. The distinct features are listed below:

  • The washing models of Kenmore have energy saving options. On each load, they can save up to 20% power consumption, without compromising the quality of washing. Thus users can use them during the peak hours, saving some more money.
  • The Skin Care Rinse option enables users to wash even the most delicate fabric. The cycle removes all sorts of detergent residue and stains from clothes. Thus, users do not have to worry about laundering baby's clothes.
  • While the first two cycles of cleaning are moderately hard, enough to rip off the dirt and detergent, the third cycle is comparatively gentle. Thus, expensive bed linens do not get the strong wash, yet get effectively cleaned with gentle care.
  • The Kids wear cycle is very efficient in cleaning stubborn stains from kids' clothes. The Kenmore washing machine directly hits the organic stains like grease, grass, blood, etc.
  • For heavier loads, the triple action agitator and total care agitator are enough to handle such bulk washing. The agitators wash heavier loads thoroughly to deliver stain free and clean laundries.
Benefits - Unique Selling Points of Kenmore Dryers and Washers:
  1. Intuitive design for immaculate cleaning, which can be easily operated by anyone.
  2. Variety of cleaning programs and cycles to cater to diversified laundry needs.
  3. Saves remarkable amount of energy for economy cleaning.
  4. Takes comparatively less water, thus saving natural resources.

Weakness of the machines:

  1. After draining out the water, some amount of it still remains inside.
  2. Except for muted ones, washers of high capacity create a lot of noise while cleaning.

Recommended Kenmore Washing Machines - Best Buy:

Kenmore 40272

Kenmore-40272has been rated by a leading consumer magazine as the number one washer in the market.

This one is a new, powerful, high efficiency washer, coupled with remarkable energy saving technology. Its huge wash drum cleans 34 extra large shirts, all in a single load.

Its smart wash technology provides extra cleaning and extra care to the fabric fibers. Number of wash cycles ranges from 6 to 8, as per the requirement. The internal water heater washes off stubborn stains without difficulty.

The Pros: It cleans very effectively and while spinning, sheds off almost all water. It can clean over large spreads and other cloth materials.

The Cons: The product is complained to take too long cycles besides creating loud noise and vibration.

Kenmore Oasis

is a high capacity washer, but is a top loader, unlike the above mentioned front loader Kenmore washing machine. With a high power saving capacity, it can plummet about 47% to 53% of energy, in every load.

With a capacity of washing about 23 bath towels at a time, Kenmore Oasis also makes a good choice at standard price.

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