LG Washing Machines Review
What's the Best Direct Drive LG Steam Washing Machine?

LG washing machines come from a Korean manufacturer of electronic and telecom products.

lg-washing-machinesAlthough LG was originally short for Lucky Goldstar, they have now coined the phrase 'Life's Good' as an alternative play on the initials.

In the field of laundry appliances, LG washer dryer models are known for being reliable products, with good features and at reasonable prices.

Consumers looking for LG washing machine parts and spares, including bearings, dispensers and drums, are directed through the LG official website to their official distributor Nedis and instruction manuals can be downloaded from LG site itself.

LG Washer Products Overview

The LG front load washer and dryer is stylish and well-featured.

The capacity ranges from 7kg to a very generous 11kg which puts it ahead of most of the competitors in terms of load. LG have even managed to keep the dimensions of the 11 kg machines to 842 x 640 x 600, the same as the smaller capacity machines due to the design of the outer drum.

Many of the machines in the current range are also known under the name 'The Next Big Thing' or simply the LG Big which emphasises the innovative nature and high load capacity of the current products.

LG laundry appliances are in the mid to high end price category, with prices ranging from just over 300 for their most basic machines to over 900 for the top of the range machines.

LG Washing Machines Unique Features

Key features of many models in the current LG range include:

LG 11KG Drum Capacity Video Demonstration

  • LG Direct Drive washing machine technology - the motor is attached directly to the drum which means that it vibrates less and is quieter than other machines (54 decibels on the wash cycle at 1400 rpm). There is also a silent wash programme for further noise reduction (51dB). The relatively quiet operation works well with the time delay function as users can choose to wash in the lower tariff off-peak periods.
  • Load detection sensor which calculates the washing time and water consumption based on the weight of the laundry, which can save money, energy and water.
  • A wide range of wash cycles such as Skin Care or Medic Cycle to ensure that laundry for babies and those with sensitive skin is completely free from detergent and bacteria; and Bio Cycle to remove tough stains.
  • Steam technology for more effective cleaning and easier ironing. The LG steam washing machine also uses less water and are A+++ energy rated.
  • Large LCD panel which keeps the user updated on the progress of the cycle as well as displaying instructions and diagnostics.

Strengths - The Benefits

  1. High capacity machines make it a good choice for larger families plus you can wash larger items such as duvets.
  2. Wide choice of special cycles and programmes.
  3. Stylish design in white, silver or black

Weaknesses - Minor LG Washer Problems

  1. The 11kg capacity machines do have a comparatively high water consumption which is to be expected

How LG Brand Compares to Competitors?

In terms of function, LG front load washer compares extremely well to the competitors and the current range of machines do contain some innovative features.

The standard warranty is 2 years, but the Direct Drive motor is guaranteed for 10 years which demonstrates how confident LG are of the durability of the design.

The energy rating on many of the LG All-in-one washer dryer machines range between A++ and A+++, which compares well to many other manufacturers.

Recommended Best LG Washing Machine Review

LG-F1256QDLG F1256QD

This is a 7kg capacity LG steam washing machine with Direct Drive technology and retails at around 300 to 400.

The good: users were impressed by the quiet operation, the extensive range of cycles and the additional features such as child lock and time delay.

The bad: some issues were reported of vibration during the spin cycle and higher noise levels on wooden suspended flooring but these were usually fixed by adjusting the feet.

LG-F1247TD5LG F1247TD5

This 8kg capacity LG Direct Drive washing machine was also well rated by many users who liked the drum size, the range of programmes and the low noise levels.

This machine is priced around the 380 to 480 mark. There were very few negative points although some consumers did find that the wash cycles were too long.

Generally, the front loader LG washing machines were very highly rated by users who found them reliable and value for money and most of the LG models on review sites such as Reevoo scored 9 and above.

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