Miele Washing Machine Reviews
The Expensive, But Long Lasting High Quality Miele Washer

Miele washing machines speak of quality, but they are an expensive option. These are made in Germany and known for fewer breakdowns and longevity.

Founded in 1899 by Carl Miele and Reinhard Zinkann, Miele is a German Company that manufactures quality home appliances. Just like its motto “Immer Besser” or “Forever Better”, the company produces products including washing machines which run for a lifetime.

Why Buy from Miele Company?

Every Miele washer is put through a series of tests in laboratories before the production starts. This translates into a 20 years unbeatable performance from the manufacturers, who have provided a ten year guarantee against break down of drums, outer tub, axle and bearings. Moreover the company is so sure about its durability that they claim and offer a lifetime guarantee against corrosion.

Some of the unique features which draw customers to this brand include the fact that Miele washing machine has a honeycomb design drum which is gentle on clothes. The system is designed to minimize usage of water and each part of the machine is recyclable.

Overview of Miele Range

Miele washer machines can be categorized into W 5000 Range, W 3000 Range and W 1000 Range. All provide effective cleaning and can remove even the most difficult stains. According to the company liquid wash saves detergent and gives a more energy efficient performance.

Common Features of All Miele Washer Models


  • Patented honeycomb wash drum is superbly designed to save water and give gentle washing experience to the load. According to the website you can even wash a rose in it.
  • A range of advanced programs like Automatic, Proofing, Curtains, Express, Denim, Sportswear and Shirts, apart from the standard ones.
  • Robust - its direct enameled outer panels will not become yellow or corrode.
  • Spinning is noiseless, and to ensure that, washing machines are continuously run for 600 hours with a 1.3 kg imbalanced load non-stop, before coming out of manufacturing plants.
  • Door hinge is guaranteed for a lifetime.
  • Fault indicators help the user in knowing if something goes wrong with the washing machine.
  • Touchtronic controls are user friendly and great for people who don't like too many manual controls.
  • PC update feature in which you can update the digital part of the machine even after years of purchasing it.
  • Eco-friendly. The Eco Feedback feature accurately calculates duration, energy and water consumption of every program. Basically, this feature helps in maximum energy and water conservation.
  • Porthole glass in Miele washing machines is angled in a way that it prevents clothes from tangling in the door.
  • Automatic cleaning process by which the detergent drawer gets flushed after every program leaving it spotless, and at the same time removing the trouble of manually cleaning that area.

Best Miele Washing Machines

Miele W1730 - a modern freestanding front load washing machine with 1400 RPM maximum spin speed. Its load capacity is 6 kg, which is suitable for a small family and it has been given an ‘A+' energy rating. Though its spin efficiency is ‘A', its wash performance is ‘B'. It has the typical honeycomb drum, Slimline LCD display, 5 additional home care programs and a Delay Start. This Miele Washer has 10 types of different wash programs and you can wash almost anything, how-so-ever lightly or heavily soiled clothes they may be.

Miele W5968 WPS 8kg washing machine is yet another robust product with spin speed varying between 400-1600 RPM that comes with an automatic liquid dispensing system that accounts for precise detergent use. The machine features the patented honeycomb drum. It has an LCD display, 24 hour delay start time, remaining time, honeycomb care, noiseless motor, anti crease action and LED drum lighting. This product has 10 year warranty on parts and labour.

Miele W2839i WPM is a 5 kg 1600 spin washing machine which is ideal for small families or those who live in apartments. It is an AAA product that means it is very energy efficient. The higher the grading, the higher is the performance. Apart from the honeycomb drum it has various programs and its one time water consumption is 42 litres.


Overall Miele washing machines are one of the best as far as quality goes, but with the price tag the company offers, one has to think twice. The customer has to decide between the price and the quality. With the lifetime warranty it come with, the money spent on the durable Miele washer is worth every pound.

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Updated September 30, 2010