Samsung Washing Machine Review
What is the Best Samsung Washer to Buy?

Samsung is a popular South Korean brand which manufactures many different types of home appliances such as Samsung washing machine models.

Samsung-washing-machineThey own many different types of companies, including Samsung Electronics (who produce the electrical and white goods such as the washing machines), Samsung C&T (a construction company), Samsung Heavy Industries (a ship building company) and Samsung Life Insurance. The group also own theme parks, hotels and an advertising agency.

Samsung is now classed as the world's top performing technology company in terms of turnover, ahead of competitors such as Hewlett-Packard, Sony, Dell and Apple (according to research company Datamonitor).

Apart from washers, Samsung domestic appliances, including TV's, phones, laptops and home laundry appliances, are becoming increasingly popular in the U.K.

Samsung is seen by consumers as an inexpensive (but not cheap) brand, with cutting edge design, yet with an emphasis on reliability and productivity.

Samsung Washer Products Overview

Samsung Diamond Drum Washing Machine Video

The line of Samsung front loader washing machine ranges from 5kg capacity to 9kg capacity. Their AIR Refresh range offers the following features:

  • Diamond Drum™ - the texture and design of the drum increases the efficiency of the washing action while protecting the laundry from damage.
  • AIR Refresh - this is a 30-minute steam cycle designed to refresh clothes and remove wrinkles. It is suitable for both washable and dry-clean only laundry.
  • Wool Mark certification
  • Some models also offer a Silver Wash feature, a cold water wash which uses ionic silver, designed to clean ultra-efficiently and reduce bacteria on the laundry.

There is currently only one Samsung washer dryer on offer, the AIR Refresh WD8704RJA, with a 7kg capacity.

Samsung Washing Machines Unique Features

Samsung machines are designed with durability in mind and has features (on certain models), which prolong the life of these electronic devices, such as:

  • Ceramic heaters to prevent the build-up of calcium which are more durable than conventional heaters.
  • Volt Control System to protect against electrical surges.
  • Aqua Stop technology to protect the machines against leaks.
  • Quiet Drive Motor (guaranteed for 10 years), which reduces the level of vibration, making the machine quieter and more durable than other models.


  1. The AIR refresh system means that you can refresh clothes which are not suitable for conventional washing such as dry clean only.
  2. Large portholes so it is easy to load and unload

Weaknesses - Minor Samsung Washer Problems

  1. Not all Samsung washing machines have child locks for safety if you have little kids at home.
How Samsung Compares to Other Brands?

In terms of the environment, Samsung is lagging behind the competitors. According to Version 15 (May 2010) of the Greenpeace Guide to Greener Electronics - Samsung ranks number 13 (down from 7th place) out of 18 electronics companies in terms of environmental policies and products. This downgrade was due to commitments which were not kept on eliminating potentially hazardous substances.

The Samsung UK website does not always make clear the energy ratings on the individual models, but most of them seem to be A or A+. Whilst perfectly acceptable, this is not as good as competitors such as Bosch or AEG.

Samsung washers have a 2 year warranty which matches the period offered by Bosch and Miele and is better than the one year warranty offered by some manufacturers such as Beko. The direct drive motor is guaranteed for 10 years which emphasises the reliability of this component,

Recommended Best Samsung Washing Machine Models Review

Samsung-washerSamsung WF8602NG

This front load washing machine is a 6kg capacity unit with a diamond drum.

The good points: users like that it is stylish, easy to use and offers a good range of cycles. They also like that it is a very quiet machine and many commented positively on the noise it makes to alert the user when the cycle has finished.

The bad points: there were very few negative comments about this machine. The price is around 300 and is available in white (WF8602NGW) or silver (WF8602NGS).

Samsung-washing-machinesSamsung WF8604NG

This Samsung washing machine also comes in white or silver and has a 6kg capacity.

Owners like the build quality and the fact that it is very easy to use. They also like the flexibility of the machine as you can change spin cycles, temperature and length of wash.

Few negative points were made about this machine but some customers said that the detergent drawer is small and does not open fully and others found that small items of laundry tend to get stuck around the door seal.

The price of this machine is in the range of 300 to 400.

Final Thought

Here we have mentioned just two Samsung fully automatic washing machine models due to the high scoring reviews and quantities of reviews posted, but other machines in the current range also attracted excellent reviews such as the Samsung WF8802RP, WF8702RSS and WF8804RPA.

The reviews across a wide range of Samsung washing machines indicate that many models are reliable and easy to use, with a good choice of cycles and options.

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