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Where to Buy Servis Washer Spares & Replacement Parts?


Servis was a popular supplier of Servis washing machines, which until the 1990's were manufactured in the north of England.

However, after facing economic difficulties the company was bought out by an Italian company, Merloni, and the production line was switched to Italy.

Servis was put into liquidation late in 2009 and it is no longer possible to buy washing machines under the Servis trade mark.

Servis washer appliances were being sold new until late 2009, so there will still be many machines out in the field for years to come. The official Servis website is no longer in active use, although as it serves as a link page to other suppliers.

Where to Find Servis Washing Machine Parts?

It is still possible to obtain repair service and spares parts through independent suppliers, but it is reported to be more and more difficult to source replacement parts or find user manual and instruction booklets.

If you need a Servis washing part, there are several third party internet suppliers that you can try. These include Espares who sell bearings, brushes, dispensers, doors, latches, gaskets, seals, drums and other parts, like motors. There are also several suppliers on Ebay and Amazon UK who may have your spare part in stock or be able to get hold of it.

For repairs or service, try an independent service centre such as Repaircare, a company who offer fixed price repairs across the country for many brands including Servis.

Common Servis Washer Problems

It is widely reported that the quality of the machines and the level of customer service had deteriorated badly in the last few years before the company ceased trading, therefore this is likely to be a problem for many consumers for some time, especially as the Servis washing machine spares become increasingly difficult to source.

There are many reports on forums such as UK Whitegoods and DIYNot, which indicate that the front load machines were breaking down very quickly after purchase and that several consumers were left in the lurch with units which did not work and which were still under guarantee when the company went into liquidation.

Many had to resort to legal action although it is not known if these cases were successful.

Common problems include:

  • Circuit board problems causing the machine to cease functioning completely
  • Blockages in the detergent drawer
  • Flooding and leaking from the bottom of the machine
  • Machine usage causing power failures throughout the house due to drum damage

From the many reviews available from users who have owned Servis washers in the last few years, it is unlikely that they will last their normal expected lifespan. You therefore need to weigh up the costs of increasing service bills and spare parts that are becoming increasingly hard to find and are likely to be more expensive than other brand spare parts.

If you are one of the Servis washing machines owners and are experiencing problems you need to make a decision on whether to continue to pay for repairs and spares or to cut your losses and buy a new, more reliable machine.

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