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You may be considering a narrow depth or slimline washing machine if your kitchen is tight on space and you don't have enough room for a fully-sized washer.

slimline-washing-machineLuckily, most of the major laundry appliance manufacturers do produce machines which are narrower or less deep than the standard sizes.

Dimensions of 850 x 600 x 540 mm (height) x (width) x (depth) are the standard size for front load washing machines, although the depth factor is more variable than height and width between models and manufacturers.

Here we have mentioned only slim washing machine models which have a smaller than normal width or depth. One of these models may just fit perfectly into restrictive space available in your kitchen!

Popular Slimline Washing Machines

Bosch WLX24164GB

a freestanding model - part of their Bosch Classixx range, it has a 4.5 kg capacity and variable spin speed. It offers a good range of features such as an Aquatronic wash system for optimal performance; and programmes including reduced ironing, stains and an Aquaplus option to enhance the rinsing cycle. Dimensions 847 x 600 x 440 cm.

Whirlpool AWE6517

is a top loader with a 5kg capacity and a 1000rpm spin speed. At 900 x 400 x 600 it is higher than a regular washing machine but far narrower. In addition, Whirlpool AWZ514D (integrated washer dryer - 5kg load) and AWO/D050 (integrated washing machine - 6kg load) at 820 x 573 x 540 are slightly more compact all round compared to the standard size. There are also several models which have a smaller than average depth, so if you are looking to squeeze the machine into a non-standard space they may have a machine for you.


They have quite a few slim depth models with a capacity of between 5 kg and 7kg and measurements of 850 x 595 x 535 or 850 x 595 x 525.


GOFS262/80 Grand'O and GOFS272/80 Grand'O are both just 850 x 600 x 400 with a generous load capacity of 6kg or 7kg and programmes such as allergy care, stain vanish and fast wash. The Candy AQUA100F-80 Aquamatic is a true slimline mini washing machine at just 700 x 510 x 440 - with a 3.5kg it may not hold as much as other models but if space is the main issue then you may have to compromise on the capacity.


WM5100, WM5120 and WM5140 are narrow depth slimline washing machine designs with a 5kg capacity and 850 x 595 x 480 dimensions. Functions include time-delay (useful for off peak power rates), a spin speed reduction function and automatic half load to save water, time and energy.


Most of their models are actually deeper compared to many other manufacturers but they do have one top loader, the Hotpoint WTL500P (850 x 400 x 600), which is narrower due to the top loading design. It a 5kg capacity and a spin speed of 1000 rpm.


the Nextra Top loader comes in at just 850 x 400 x 600mm and features a 6 kg load, 1400 rpm and a variable spin. It also has a time saver option and the Hoover 'Intelligent Wash System' to monitor and adjust the washing process. The Optima 6 Space Saver is a small washing machine (850 x 600 x 400) with a 6kg load which also has the 'Intelligent Wash System' and quick wash programmes.

Recommended - Best Narrow Washing Machine to Buy

Whirlpool AWE617 Top Loader

Users liked the durability and the compact size of this machine. They also liked the variety of programmes and temperatures and found that it was easy to use. As a top loader customers found it easier to load and unload.

However, consumers did not like the fact that the spin speed is only 1000rpm, leaving heavier laundry damp; and that it can be noisy at top speed.

Conclusion - Advice on Buying Slimline Washer

Many models are advertised as slim-depth or slimline washers, however some are just a couple of centimetres away from the standard size.

If you are looking for a real compact or slimline washing machine, you may wish to consider a top loading model (downside: maximum spin speed of only 1000rpm on many models) or the Candy compact AQUA100F-80 (downside: 3.5kg capacity).

Alternatively, here is another list of small washing machines with very compact dimensions to browse and choose from.

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