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Unique Innovative Retro Design in Stylish Modern Look

Smeg is an Italian manufacturer of high-end domestic appliances. In the laundry industry, Smeg washing machines are famous for their focus on innovative design.

They are most well-known for their eye catching retro FAB range including fridges, dishwashers, as well as Smeg washer dryer.

The most poppular model is Smeg Retro style washer machine, which has cool built kitchen faucet and sink on top of its design.

If you check the official Smeg website, it has links to recommended online stockists and official service providers, who also supplies spare parts. It is also possible to download a Smeg washing machine manual from the site.

Overview of Smeg Laundry Appliances


Smeg's 50's style Retro range washing machines, part of their FAB range, is based on one model available in pastel blue, black, pink and cream. Whilst it looks very old fashioned (in a trendy way!), with curved exterior and front door, this front loading machine has 15 programmes and can hold up to 5kg of laundry.

Smeg Retro style washer also has an automatic variable load function which means that it detects the weight of the clothes and adjusts water and time accordingly - saving the user water and energy.

This unit features a variable spin speed up to 1600rpm and a self-cleaning pump and filter. Unusually, this model does not have a glass porthole opening, so the you cannot see the clothes or the electronic display panel without opening the front panel.

Apart from Retro Smeg washing machines, the company offers a selection of integrated washers, Cucina selection and freestanding designs, including the Smeg WMF16AX1 - which has a stainless steel finish.

Smeg washer dryers are also available with a capacity of 5kg for washing and 2.5kg for drying. Some of the best models such as the WDF16BAX1 and the WDF16BA1 feature humidity sensors for calculating the correct drying time - a feature which will save both time and money on energy bills.

Smeg Washer Pros & Cons

Smeg appliances are positioned as high-end yet functional machines. The Retro design from Smeg FAB range is indeed unique and readily associated with the Smeg brand.

However, it is likely that a consumer who chooses one of these distinctive machines will choose it for its design rather than its functionality.


  • Distinctive and chic design.
  • Respected brand name.
  • Aquastop function to prevent leakage.
  • Variable load function on some of the models.


  • Maximum 7kg load, not suitable for larger households, or washing duvets, throws and heavy funiture fabric.
  • Some consumers report faulty door catches on certain models.
  • The consumer feedback was generally good however some felt that Smeg concentrates too hard on design rather than making their machines user friendly and more functional.

How Smeg Compares to Other Brands?

In terms of style, the Retro models are way ahead of the competitors. However, it seems to be a case of design over functionality and none of the Smeg washers match the advanced features available on the market.

The water consumption of the Smeg range also performs quite well in ratings - just 47 litres for a standard wash which is 10-20% better than many similar front loaders.

The normal guarantee period is 12 months but Smeg are currently advertising a time limited offer of 5 years parts and labour on certain freestanding washing machines and washer dryers including the Smeg WMF16AX1 and the WMF16BAX1 (subject to returning the official registration form) - this offer is one of the best guarantee periods on the market although it is limited to two models.

With an acceptable energy rating of A on the Smeg washing machines, it still does not match up to more advanced Bosch and Miele products, which have many A-10% to A-30% makes or Zanussi whose machines are A-10%.

Most Smeg washer dryer units are B Energy ratings although the WDI2C1 and WDF12C are C rating.

Price wise, the Smeg machines are in the upper bracket, costing well over the 500 mark on most series.

Recommended Best Smeg Washing Machine Review


Smeg WMI12C7 Cucina

This built-in Smeg integrated washing machine has 7kg capacity and variable speed up to 1200rpm. It offers 15 programmes including mixed loads and a super-fast wash.

Consumers like the size of the drum, the child locks and the fact that it is easy to use. They also like the cycle times and the wide choice of cleaning programmes.

Some customers felt this front loading Smeg machine is too expensive , but otherwise, it had no problems.

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Updated October 6, 2010