Washing Machine Reviews 2011
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This washing machine reviews for 2011 will give you a brief preview of new technologies available for this year, as well as recap of trends and industry news in the world of laundry appliances during the last 2010 annual report.

Laundry Trends for 2011

High-end Technology

The best washer dryer reviews for 2011 include units offering ergonomically designed features that provide maximum convenience. Features like Sanitize Cycle, Condensing drying system, SenseClean, SenseDry, Air Refresh, anti-vibration, etc. have been specially devised to make the job of cleaning easier.

Low Power and Water Consumption

The units are designed to consume very low power and water while operating. Features like Mini-Load and Half Load allows the machine to run on an even lower current consumption while washing small wash loads. Energy efficient washer dryer reviews have recommended Indesit WIL 163 to be the highest performing washer in this respect.

Eco-friendly units

Units using nylon polymer beads instead of water for washing are due to be released. Apart from this groundbreaking invention, other units produce low carbon footprints, use low watt of electricity, low amount of water, etc. to conserve the natural resources and operate in an environment-friendly way.

Fully Automatic Machines

The washing machines are equipped with sensors and intelligent wash technologies that allow the machines to take minor, yet important decisions on their own. Thus washers can mange the amount of detergents, the level of water, the temperature of water, the number of cycles, the type of wash programmes, etc. for the garments loaded.

Table Top Designs

These are small, compact washing units that can be placed on kitchen tops and are capable of washing small loads in minutes. The counter top washing units are the smallest of all the available washers and are included among the top washer reviews and ratings for 2011. Though small in size, they perform no less than a full sized washer.

What to Look for in 2011 Washing Machine Reviews

Steam Wash

Many washer dryer reviews in 2011 have highly admired the incorporation of the Steam wash technology in the top washing machines. In this technology, steam is injected in the drum along with water in intermittent cycles. This adds extra cleaning power to the cycle. Available only in steam washers, this technology works to remove stains, freshen, sanitize and ease out creases from the clothes. It can be used to freshen up delicate items like wool scarves, sweaters, hats, decorative pillows, bedspreads, drapes and afghans that are only meant for dry cleaning.

Vibration Control

Vibration Control technology or VCT is a special technology adopted to reduce the vibration of the laundry machines while washing. A Trade Mark of Samsung, The technology, besides dramatically cutting down the level of vibration, also distributes the wash load uniformly.

Jet System

The Jet System sprays water on the laundry through a jet of water, thus erasing the stains effectively. Most evident in Zanussi machines, this technology further, saves a lot of time, power and water.

Direct Drive

Very efficient in conserving energy and reducing noise, this technology decreases the mechanical force of the machine on the laundry items. With the drum being directly attached to the motor, it does not require belts and pulleys which automatically reduces the number of free moving parts. This causes less vibration and noise.

Sixth Sense

Incorporated in the top washing machine models and a patent of Whirlpool, this technology inducts common sense in the system to take simple decisions on its own. The built in sensors in the technology work to measure and adjust water temperatures suitable for the cloth texture, quality of detergent, spin speed and wash load by itself.

Fuzzy Logic

It is another technology similar to that of Sixth Sense. Provided with monitors and sensors, Fuzzy Logic makes the machine fully automatic and minimizes human intervention.

Wash Programmes

Extensive range of wash programmes is seen in washers like Normal wash for regular clothes, Heavy Duty for bigger bed sheets, curtains, and other heavily soiled items, Hand Wash for hand washable items, Perm Press for synthetics, Rinse+Spin for quick rinsing, Spin Only for efficient cleaning, Sanitize for disinfecting clothes from allergens and other disease causing bacteria, Quick Wash and Speed wash for fast cleaning, drain spin for optimum washing results, cold rinse, hot rinse, warm rinse, cold wash and hot wash for appropriate texture of fabrics.

Active Fresh Technology

Making use of oodles of silver ions, the technology sanitizes clothes even in simple cold water. Without the use of bleach or any other disinfectant, the clothes get disinfected with this technology of Samsung.

Interesting Industry News for Washing Machines In 2011

Lately, an eco-friendly washing machine has been created by making use of motors and parts of worn out washing machines. Very creative and thoughtful, this machine does not use electricity. Attached to the machine is a pair of pedal that has to be run in order to make it spin. Operated with a wheel and axle technology, the machine uses a limited amount of water as well.

Among consumer reports for washing machines, this appliance has received huge appreciation. Experts are already working on the concept to turn out a more advanced version.

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