Washing Machines for UK
Reviews of Less Well Known Washer Dryer Brands Sold in the UK

Here you will find reviews of washing machines in the UK from less well known brands such as Kenmore, Haier, Candy, Aquarius, Ariston, Bendix, Smeg and more...

haier-reviews Haier Washing Machine
Best Known for Compact Portable Washers

Primarily sold in the America, Haier washer for Europe is manufactured by its Chinese consumer electronics producer. With the arrival of new Haier washer dryer models, health, safety and environmental concerns...

kenmore-reviews Kenmore Washing Machine
Economical Wash - Saves Power Consumption

Utilising special wash: Skin Care Rinse, Kids wear cycle and total care triple action agitator for heavy loads, Kenmore Oasis can save up to 20% of power consumption...

ariston-review Ariston Washing Machine Parts
Online Repair Service Still Good

Ariston brand is no longer for sale in the UK. However, you can still buy Ariston washer spares, replacement parts or order repairs service to fix your old broken laundry appliance.

bendix-review Bendix Washing Machine
Cheap, Basic & Lowest Budget Prices

Bendix is a cheap - low price - budget washer appliance, which is simple yet appealing to the common mass consumer market. Tricity Bendix Washing Machines have sleek look, large portholes...

smeg-review Smeg Washing Machines
Elegant Style Integrated Laundry Appliances

If you want unique innovative old fashion design in stylish modern look, then integrated Smeg washer in 50' Retro style offers just that - a cool model with built-in kitchen sink and faucet on top.

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Updated January 2011