Whirlpool Washing Machines
Saves Time, Energy & Water with 6th Sense Technology

Whirlpool washing machines in UK and Europe are produced by Whirlpool Corporation, one of the world's leading marketer and manufacturer of home appliances.

whirlpool-washing-machinesThe company has its history way back in 1911, when St. Joseph invested all his savings to manufacture electric wringer washers, driven by motor. The company was named as Upton Machine Corporation.

After a series of successful activity, in 1929, the company got acquired by Nineteen Hundred Washer Co, and henceforth named so, until its name got changed to Whirlpool Corporation in 1950.

In the arena of laundry appliances, Whirlpool washing machines are chiefly known for their 6th Sense washing and smart technology, delivering perfect washes.

Whirlpool Washer Dryer Reviews:

Whirlpool washing machines are popular worldwide for their advanced technology and smart wash.

Starting at 5Kg, and ranging up to a massive 11Kg, Whirlpool washers are designed to serve any kind of user. With advanced wash programmes that can hardly be found in any other washing device, Whirlpool is way ahead of the competitors due to its cutting edge technology.

With a standard slim dimension of 850X60X60 mm, almost every model of Whirlpool front load washer exhibits a thin frame that fits in the tight corners of the room.

The prices of Whirlpool washing devices depend simply on their features and efficiency. An average performing Whirlpool washer dryer will cost around 230 to about 850.

Quintessential Features of Whirlpool 6th Sense Washing Machine:

Whirlpool 6th sense in washers video demonstration

  • Sixth Sense technology is the most important feature of Whirlpool washers. With the help of this technology, users can save potential amount of time, energy and water. It guides the users as to how much steam and water are required for the amount of fabrics loaded into the drum.
  • The programmes automatically adjust themselves, as prompted by the Sixth Sense of the machine. This saves considerable involvement and complexity as the machines, pretty much operate on their own.
  • Auto adjustment of the washing parameters leads to up to 50% saving of energy, water and time. Hence, even if the machines come at a high price, laundering can be done at a cheap rate.
  • Some of the machines come with innovative display panels, which are touch-sensitive. With the LCD that responds to a simple touch, users can now set the washing programs more easily, without facing malfunctioning of the buttons.
  • The OneTouch technology takes care of the rest, once the users select their programme. Even the amount of steam that is injected inside the cylinder gets regulated by the intelligent interaction, to get perfect washing results.
  • The machines with larger load capacity have more volume of about 50% than the standard-sized ones. More space ensures better care of the clothes with fewer washes.
  • The fluid design lines of Whirlpool washing machines are simply compact and unique with soft rounded edges, smooth integration of attributes and crisp lines. The overall result is a modern, sleek and combined washer dryer that provides maximum ease to the users.
  • The features displayed inside the incorporated control panel are made from materials of high quality and high-end technology to make life simpler.

Whirlpool 6th Sense AquaSteam Washing Machine

Strenths - The Benefits:

  1. 6th Sense technology save time, water and energy bills
  2. Anti Bacterial Programmes for safer and cleaner wash
  3. Elaborate LCD display for easy navigation
  4. High energy efficiency ratings.

Weakness - (No Technical Problems):

  1. Can be expensive on models with advanced features
How Does Whirlpool Compare to other Brands?

Whirlpool has maintained a high reputation of reliability and advanced technology in all its appliances, for long.

In the arena of laundry goods, it is one of the leading brands in UK, and is much preferred by the citizens due to its high-end technology and effective performance.

Recommended Best Whirlpool Washing Machine to Buy:

Whirlpool AWO/D6928

Whirlpool-AWO-D6928is a front load, freestanding machine with a wash capacity of 7Kgs. The washer has a spin speed of 1600rmp, perfectly integrated with the 6th Sense technology, coupled with Superco program that delivers awesome performance and saves a lot of water, energy and time.

The slim dimension of 59.5X88.5X56.5cm is perfect for accommodating it in restricted spaces of cabinets or closets. This Whirlpool washer has 18 elaborate wash programmes like hand wash, half load, quick wash, etc.

The additional Clean+ option effectively removes all the tough stains at a low temperature. The unit is priced at about 380.

The Pros: Sleek frame, high in performance and has Child Lock feature for kids at home.

The Cons: No 3D sensor and the Spin Drying efficiency is only “B” rated.

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