Zanussi Washing Machines
The Innovative Jetsystem of Electrolux Zanussi Washer Dryer

Zanussi washing machines in UK and Europe are manufactured by the leading manufacturer of household appliances from Italy.

zanussi-washing-machinesThe company started under its founder Antonio Zanussi, back in 1916, and revolutionized the market with its invention of the first ever wood burning stove in 1920. In 1980, the company merged with Electrolux to become a more advanced pioneer in the field of white goods.

In the avenue of laundering items, the company has shown remarkable development with technology, innovation and design. Particularly, its introduction of Jetsystem washing machines is considered to be a breakthrough invention.

Zanussi Washer Dryer Reviews - Products Overview:

The front load Zanussi washers are more preferred in the UK, due to their easy loading, effective washing and great design.

Usually, the load capacity of a Zanussi Electrolux washing machine ranges from 3Kg to 8Kg. With all in one washing and drying feature, the machines are considerable small to accommodate inside the short space of the kitchen.

The most common feed back from users of Zanussi washing machines is that they are very easy to use. With lots of functionality coupled with good looks, these machines are appreciated for their effective performance.

The prices of the units vary, depending upon their features. The cost usually ranges from a reasonable £190 to under £850.

Standard Features of Zanussi Electrolux washing machines:

Zanussi Jetsystem 60 degree wash video demonstration

  • With a standard compact size of 85X60X60, Zanussi washing machines never stick out of the allotted space. Designed to fit the décor of the house with ease, a Zanussi integrated washing machine is known to serve the purpose even better.
  • Almost all the machines of Zanussi have a high spin speed. With 1400rmp being the standard for an average machine under this brand, they are known to wash clothes effectively.
  • The wash capacity of a Zanussi washer dryer is highly variable, which can easily cater to the volume needs of the users. Starting at 3Kg (especially meant for single users), the cylinder goes high as 8Kg.
  • With variety of washing programmes, the machines cater to every washing need of the users. With Quick Wash, Hand Wash, Pre Wash, etc., a large variety of clothes can be effectively washed by activating the appropriate programme. An average Zanussi machine sports about 20 wash programmes.
  • Users can wash all types of cloth materials with different washing treatment for each. Options like Wool Wash and Delicate Wash can be used to wash respective types of clothing.
  • Fabric Care is another outstanding feature of all Zanussi laundry machines. With a different washing cycle for a different cloth type, the units make sure that the fabrics are cleaned proficiently while they caress for the fabric to restore their new condition for long.
  • Almost all Zanussi top loading washing machines and front loaders are rated 'A' in terms of spin, wash and energy efficiency.
  • Zanussi washing units are known throughout UK for its cheap price and affordability.

Strengths - the Benefits

  1. The products are high on reliability, quality and functionality.
  2. They are easy to use, with a simple cleaning and trouble-free maintenance method.
  3. Cheap Zanussi washing machines have retained users for long.

Weaknesses - Usability Problems

  1. End of the cycle is announced with a repetitive and annoying beep sound.
  2. Some users complained about facing difficulty in cleaning the filter.
How Zanussi Compares to Existing Brands on the Market?

In terms of functionality, in respect to price, Zanussi is perhaps the best brand for laundry appliances in UK.

The brand has gained the faith of consumers for years, with its effective quality. Rated a standard 'A' in aspects of efficiency, Zanussi washers are a good buy for long term, uninterrupted usage.

The Jetsystem washer series is specifically high yielding for perfect stain free washing with moderate water consumption.

Recommended Best Zanussi Washing Machine to Buy:

Zanussi-ZWF14791WZanussi ZWF14791W

is a perfect combination of Jetsystem and Wash technology. This freestanding Zanussi compact washing machine model with a wash capacity of 8Kgs and a dimension of 850X60X60mm, is perfect for large families.

The spin speed of 1400rmp, powered with the Jetsystem, saves the users a lot of time, water and energy. The smart technology of the washer is evident through the large LCD panel.

The inverter motor is extra durable for powerful washing performance within the shortest times. 21 elaborate washing programmes provide stain free washing, at its best.

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